Good cop, bad cop

How stressed out can you get mummy today???

Very stressed out…

Do you ever get them moments where you hate your children? You love them, but god they can send you into a metal home quicker than anything!!

So me being the good cop, I gave them each two pound pocket money, I suggested we walked down the shops to buy perhaps a small toy, I have come down the stairs ready to go….

Guess what….

You guest it, no ones dressed let alone got their shoes on!!! Even my neighbors got their shoes on after the final 1000 time I had shouted at the children!!

I knew from that moment that maybe going out was a bad idea!!

We get to the shops, we have melt downs, tantrums, crying on the floor, screaming as loud as they can. I was so embarrassed that I just carried on, safe to say they didn’t get anything from the shops so I will be using that £6 for a bottle of wine!!!!!!

I do get days when I think geeze why don’t my kids hate me, I shout more than Sargent major!!


Battling the twin’s bedtime

Is it just me, but the older children get the worse the attitude becomes!!!

Elle and Mikey are now 4 years old, what happened to them nights where you gave them a bottle and wrapped them up and boom!!! Fast asleep!

Why did they have to grow into little people that love to argue, love to back chat like they are 16!!! If I hear “I said NO” one more time they be sleeping in the garden with the slugs!!!

Elle and Mikey have shared a room since they were born. In the last week I have decided to split them up, and now do not share the same room.

Elle seems to sleep so much better, Mikey isn’t waking her up like he wakes everyone up, Mikey isn’t enjoy being in his own room, he misses “annoying Elle” in Mikey’s words…

I have found it a a lot easier in separate rooms, I can still hear the patter of feet running along the floor boards, but I only have to go upstairs once Max twice a night now!

Being a single mummy, it’s nice to get the evening to yourself instead of running up and down the stairs! However my evenings never consist of “mummy time” what even is “mummy time” is that where you doing all the cleaning and washing when children are asleep?? As that’s pretty much what my evening consist of, night in, night out!!!

Merry Christmas







Merry Christmas to my fantastic readers……food…happiness xxxxxx

It’s Christmas….

The adverts have started, the shops are filled with Christmas gifts, chocolates, so it must be the official count down to Christmas…
  What is Christmas to each one of us?  Is it the chance to get what we want present wise?  Is it about spending time with the loved ones and everyone being happy?

  Every year I always feel guilty that I haven’t spent enough at Christmas, everyone thinks it a competition who can buy the best present, a budget set that no one ever sticks to,  is Christmas really about who can get the most presents under the tree?


Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but the pressure that’s goes with buying presents doesn’t frill me!
My favorite thing about Christmas:






Happy memories
Lots of laughs, fun.
Being with the ones you love that’s what’s my important Christmas is,

Christmas advice;
Have a budget and Stick to it.
Shop around, look on the internet, compare prices.
Look up for discount vouchers.
Write a list of what you need.
Save all year either with parks or saving account

We all wish my lovely readers a Merry Christmas 🙂


My wedding planning!


The count down has begun!!
6 weeks and 6 day’s
Wow so exciting, but just want it over and done with now, planning is stressful!

I meet Ant six years ago instantly i knew he was the one.everything felt right and never felt so happy, we have our up’s and down’s and been through some tough times in six year’s but we have managed to get through all that’s ever been dished to us we are so strong we are stuck together with super glue 😉
Ant proposed to me in October 28th 4 years ago, when i was pregnant with Marley! It was a typical unromantic proposal bless him but he had a ring and was beautiful,

So we decided in April this year lets do it let’s get married this year!! So rang registry office and see what date’s were available and that’s were it all started for 27th sept, finely marrying my soulmate!!

We only have a wedding budget of £670!
Can it be done?? Hell yes! How let me tell you how:

.Keep it simple have the important people spending that special day with you.

. Make a budget and stick to it.

. Registry office is cheaper in the week than weekend.

. No bridesmaids.

. Look for free venue, or cheap venue remember you can decorate any hall up.

.Use a friends or family’s nice car save loads of money.

. Contact a collage see if there is students looking to build portfolio up this is free!

. Do your own evening buffet food.

.Get married late in the day that will cut out wedding breakfast.

.EBay and selling pages are great for picking bargains up.

.Make all your own wedding invites.

. Shop around for price’s before you bye anything

We have a twist on our evening party as when i was browsing for red and white WEDDING items i can’t believe how much more it cost because it’s a wedding!!
So i decided to do a theme wedding and our theme wedding is disco from all era, fancy dress as well to add that excitement to our night, even the food will be as retro as we can, party ring anyone 😉 the hall will be decorated up with disco balls, full light system and so much more you will have to wait six weeks and six day’s 😉

I have most things but still lots to do! I’m a very un organised person so best get moving 😉


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