Woburn Safari

The park let’s animals roam freely while visitors drive through their enclosures. The species held in the park include Southern White Rhino, elands, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Addax, Gemsbok, Ankoles, Zebras, African Wild Asses, Asian Elephants, Bactrian Camels, North American Bisons, bongo, African Lions, Pere David’s Deer, Canadian Timber Wolves, black bears, Patas Monkeys and Barbary Monkeys.

The park also has a 40-acre (16 ha) leisure area featuring animal talks, petting zones, a gift shop, family restaurant and a Go Ape! course. Animals in the leisure park include lemurs, squirrel monkeys, wallabies, emus, penguins, goats, ponies, reptiles, red panda and marmosets. There is also a soft play centre called the Mammoth Play Ark.

We had a fantastic day, We had cheeky monkey’s climbing all over our car, we had tigers brush past the car (he definitely was looking angry at us, as the park ranger told me not to stop and keep driving at him otherwise he will damage my car, that was a scary moment….

There is a couple of restaurant on site, but it is always nice to have a picnic.

Woburn offtern hold event days, we happened to go when peppa pig was visiting, Elle isn’t normally a fan of costumes, but today she decided she wanted to say hello.

Mikey was the most excited to see peppa pig, he ran up to her and he told her I love you, then shouting it’s definitely the real peppa pig Elle…. cuteness.

Swan Boats, first time the twins have ever been on boats, and what an awesome experience for them! It wasn’t for me, but for them it was great fun.

I can’t do small boats in water, specially when you have children like mine that have no fear, and start rocking from side to side ahhhhh.

It really is a wonderful day out, you can go around as many times as you want, and experience different points of the Day.

We saw some funny moments, specially when a bear was pushing a car, and some awww moments when we saw lots of baby monkey.



Willen lake summer fun


Monday the 7 of us went to willen lake in Milton Keynes, such a beautiful place there, so much to see, from play grounds to mazes and water sports, boat hires, zipp wires, climbing, things to see on your walk round such as Buddha temple, it was very hot which was nice but little too hot after we walked around the whole lake roughly 4 mile walk, the lake didn’t look that big but it really was, we were all so thirsty and tried to get to the pub quicker hehe,
So much for children to do in willen lake and of course us grown up’s, in the summer there are sometimes little fun fair, and lots of shows and events happen here to.
There is a cafe, pub, and ice cream van.
If you live in the area or visiting the area really should go and take a look just beautiful really is check out there website for more info http://www.willenlake.org.uk



Amazing 5 hours there and will return again 🙂

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