Good cop, bad cop

How stressed out can you get mummy today???

Very stressed out…

Do you ever get them moments where you hate your children? You love them, but god they can send you into a metal home quicker than anything!!

So me being the good cop, I gave them each two pound pocket money, I suggested we walked down the shops to buy perhaps a small toy, I have come down the stairs ready to go….

Guess what….

You guest it, no ones dressed let alone got their shoes on!!! Even my neighbors got their shoes on after the final 1000 time I had shouted at the children!!

I knew from that moment that maybe going out was a bad idea!!

We get to the shops, we have melt downs, tantrums, crying on the floor, screaming as loud as they can. I was so embarrassed that I just carried on, safe to say they didn’t get anything from the shops so I will be using that £6 for a bottle of wine!!!!!!

I do get days when I think geeze why don’t my kids hate me, I shout more than Sargent major!!


Do you really need two of everything twins

Um, no.

When you find out you are having twins, your mind starts to wonder if you will need two of everything.     After a lifetime of attending baby showers and walking through mothercare , you assume that you will need at least two of every baby gadget and toy (in various colors and patterns, of course.)  But you don’t.  I promise.

I’ll admit that I too fell prey to the cunning lies shooing me back to mothercare week after week.  Those little voices whispering that I needed at least 2 of everything, one in pink and one in blue

*Cot- You can actually get away with just one for several months since your babies will be pretty small and easily fit together.  We had our twins nap in the same cot for a couple months, Elle and Mikey shared cot till they were six months old then brought another cot .

*Car Seats – Of course I know that you already know you need 2 car seats unless you are still in denial that you are having twins.  If your doctor told you that you are having twins, make sure you buy 2 car seats….one for each baby.

*Bouncy Seats – These vibrating chairs are wonderful and most babies enjoy them.  They help your baby sit at an incline so they work especially well if you have a baby that frequently spits up.  You can also put the babies in these to stare at the wall or the ceiling fan.  Exciting entertainment these bouncy seats provide, I tell ya!

*Double pushchair that is big enough but not to big to pop in the car, that’s light to push and not too wide so you can’t get through the shop doors!!

*need at least 20 bibs
*I had 9 bottles
*lots of nappies
*loads of wet wipes most likely go through a packet a day!
*if breast feeding a decent breast pump.
*lots of easy to clean and put on cloths baby grows

Don’t worry to much about toys because they can play one at a time eg door bouncer, jumproo