Wedding blues!

This time last week I was wishing the wedding over because of stress and how stressful it was,  now I want the day back again even Anthony is suffering wedding blues, people said to be when they asked are you nervous and I would respond with I just want it over they would say Sam you will get the wedding blues my respond was I doubt it I just want it over, how so so wrong am I 😦

All started on Monday I started putting all wedding stuff away and felt bit teary because it’s all finished and gone, having that something to look forward to had gone and now I just want to live that day everyday I guess I want ground hog day!
So I have decided after being thrown back to reality and back at work we need something to look forward to do we have booked weekend away just the two of us that will be our honeymoon present from the amazing people that gave us money to do something like that which was lovely of them as now we can look forward to something again!

If I’m honest its nearly a week since we been married and it doesn’t feel any different but I know I love my man and I’m very happy xx


Break down

So first time in 19 weeks i felt i couldn’t cope!! We came back from a relaxing weekend in wales were i didnt have to make sure the house was spotless and didnt have to do the things i would do if i was at home! Monday morning i woke up feeling sluggishcand just no motivation normally i wake up and already bouncing of the walls and getting all chores done…not today i felt sad and tearful, i felt numb and like i just wanted to stare into space, i felt like i didnt care that things needed doing…i was so snappy towards ant and being so spitful…what the hell was up with me i spent 3 days crying and being down and depressed i felt like i had burnt out i had no energy to carry on how i had been…maybe i was doing to much and a break away made me lose my routine…i felt like i just couldnt cope 😦 this wasn’t like me at all. But by Thursday i managed to gain a bit of control and to slowly carry on and get back into a routine….i also think because Marley said to me i dont like seeing you sad…so another reason to carry on and do what needed to be done… Am back on the routine and coping… Some days i have 3 children cry at me…but when all 3 of them smile at me makes my time as a mummy worth while 

No one said it would be easy being a mummy                  BUt no one said it would be hard.                                       We should appricate what we have and never take it for granted..we lead one life make it count and cherish them pressure’s moments that we will never get back again love xxxxx

My first sign of getting old :( first gray hair boohoo