Woburn Safari

The park let’s animals roam freely while visitors drive through their enclosures. The species held in the park include Southern White Rhino, elands, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Addax, Gemsbok, Ankoles, Zebras, African Wild Asses, Asian Elephants, Bactrian Camels, North American Bisons, bongo, African Lions, Pere David’s Deer, Canadian Timber Wolves, black bears, Patas Monkeys and Barbary Monkeys.

The park also has a 40-acre (16 ha) leisure area featuring animal talks, petting zones, a gift shop, family restaurant and a Go Ape! course. Animals in the leisure park include lemurs, squirrel monkeys, wallabies, emus, penguins, goats, ponies, reptiles, red panda and marmosets. There is also a soft play centre called the Mammoth Play Ark.

We had a fantastic day, We had cheeky monkey’s climbing all over our car, we had tigers brush past the car (he definitely was looking angry at us, as the park ranger told me not to stop and keep driving at him otherwise he will damage my car, that was a scary moment….

There is a couple of restaurant on site, but it is always nice to have a picnic.

Woburn offtern hold event days, we happened to go when peppa pig was visiting, Elle isn’t normally a fan of costumes, but today she decided she wanted to say hello.

Mikey was the most excited to see peppa pig, he ran up to her and he told her I love you, then shouting it’s definitely the real peppa pig Elle…. cuteness.

Swan Boats, first time the twins have ever been on boats, and what an awesome experience for them! It wasn’t for me, but for them it was great fun.

I can’t do small boats in water, specially when you have children like mine that have no fear, and start rocking from side to side ahhhhh.

It really is a wonderful day out, you can go around as many times as you want, and experience different points of the Day.

We saw some funny moments, specially when a bear was pushing a car, and some awww moments when we saw lots of baby monkey.


Easter Fun

Happy Easter to you all.

We have had an exciting fun day filled with chicks, bunny’s and of course lots of chocolate!

So far in three days we have made Easter bonnets, been to Stowe house and the le manior.



We have been lucky enough to go on 2 egg hunts in two very luxurious places on our door step.

The children made some special Easter bonnets to take to our egg hunts.

Easter isn’t about chocolate, winning egg hunts. It’s about being with loved ones that you take your journey with, making memories and being happy are far more important…

Happy Easter love me, Marley, Elle and Mikey ❀

A star has been born.

What little girl doesn’t love Elsa and Anna from frozen, what little girl doesn’t love to dance to Music……

Elle is 4 years old and a twin! And a massive frozen fan, However mummy really isn’t, if I have to hear “let it go” one more time it may resort into a breakdown!!!!!

Elle has learnt the moves to “let it go” she is a little cutie when she dances her heart out, she is my little star!

Her wish is to go and see Elsa in her castle, I guess we all have ambitions so why shouldn’t a little 4 Year old girl….

Elle is very much, a girly girl, she loves her princess dresses, Elle loves her sparkly shoes. Elle definitely has expensive taste and love the finest things in life….. just like her mummy ❀

Spring Fun

So 3 days left at school… and the Easter half term begins, what am I possibly going to do with three children for 2 weeks.. I know I definitely need to stock up on red wine!!!

I have heard we are meant to get snow over the Easter period….great I best get to shops now and panic buy bread!!!! I joke, I’m definitely not a panic buyer, in fact I can never understand why people do such things!

So I have put 7 ideas together to do at home in case it does snow! But if it doesn’t and we actually have a warm spring, then we definitely be at the park with our picnic πŸ˜‰

1. Build a Den with Blankets and Pillows

Build a den out of the sofa cushions, chairs, clothes rack with a blanket draped over or create a fort out of a big cardboard box with packing tape to hold the sides together.

2. Indoor Treasure Hunt

– a selection of things to do
– things to find
– fun activities to help pass the time!

All you have to do is provide each child with their printed treasure hunt and a small box to collect their items!

3. Create a Play/Show

Have the children put on a play or show (don’t forget to film it!)

4. Make special cards or write a letter

Everyone loves to receive a personal letter/card in the post these days, as is such a rarity! This would be a special treat for Grandparents or even cousins. Use stamps, glitter, paints and create a card to send or give to their relatives. Good opportunity for older children to practice their handwriting too!

5. Lego-Building Contest

Most houses have lego, so why not spent a wet day having a lego-building contest. Pick a theme e.g. vehicles, single coloured blocks etc. and let them loose constructing.

6. Make jewellery

If you don’t have jewellery crafts at home, you can use everyday items, like pasta, noodles, beads, paint, string, to make fashionable master pieces.

7. Balloon Ping-Pong

All you need is some balloons, and either table-tennis bats, or make your own bats using paper plates and sticks for handles. Clear some space in the hall and off they go.

If your children are anything like mine, and has a attention spam of a dead fly, then my suggestion is open that bottle of wine and let them trash the house.

Good Luck πŸ˜‰

Battling the twin’s bedtime

Is it just me, but the older children get the worse the attitude becomes!!!

Elle and Mikey are now 4 years old, what happened to them nights where you gave them a bottle and wrapped them up and boom!!! Fast asleep!

Why did they have to grow into little people that love to argue, love to back chat like they are 16!!! If I hear “I said NO” one more time they be sleeping in the garden with the slugs!!!

Elle and Mikey have shared a room since they were born. In the last week I have decided to split them up, and now do not share the same room.

Elle seems to sleep so much better, Mikey isn’t waking her up like he wakes everyone up, Mikey isn’t enjoy being in his own room, he misses “annoying Elle” in Mikey’s words…

I have found it a a lot easier in separate rooms, I can still hear the patter of feet running along the floor boards, but I only have to go upstairs once Max twice a night now!

Being a single mummy, it’s nice to get the evening to yourself instead of running up and down the stairs! However my evenings never consist of “mummy time” what even is “mummy time” is that where you doing all the cleaning and washing when children are asleep?? As that’s pretty much what my evening consist of, night in, night out!!!

Time should stand still!!

Why are the days, weeks, months even the years going so quick???
  Is it because I’m getting older?  Have days got shorter, everything feels like it is speeding up!!
  All these precious moments are passing me by to quick never enough time to enjoy it!!

Feeling sad that my twins will be one in 2 weeks, they were these small baby’s laying in my arms not so long ago and now they are these crazy baby’s that like to pull chunks out of your head, like to wipe there snotty noses on you when your not looking, thinking there giving you these loving cuddles, arguing, fighting over toys,  they are so demanding at the age of 1, were have those sweet and innocent non demanding baby’s gone!!!

  I felt tearful the other day when I was packing all there tiny baby clothes, you always wonder to yourself were they really that small?!  Do I really have to get rid of these beautiful small clothes, can’t I just have another set of twin baby’s……..No that’s it for us no more children, perhaps this is why it’s going so fast I’m trying to cling onto them being baby’s!!!

I can’t believe Marley will be 5 this year feels like yesterday I had him and the twins!!
This time last year I was size of a whale, complaining how uncomfortable I was, now I want that moment back, the moment I saw them for the first time, feels like it was last night!!

Mikey is now walking, and Elle just learnt to stand, it’s all moving to quickly.

Don’t ever wish life away, one day you be sat thinking wish the years would slow down,  before I know it they will all be leaving home and having there children…… 😦

Love you Marley, Mikey, Elle the 3 of you will always be my baby’s!!!






35 Week old twins

Elle and Mikey are now 35 weeks old, I just can not believe that in February I gave birth to two beautiful twins, its just crazy it’s gone so quick!


Elle now has 2 teeth whooo here 2 bottom teeth have just appeared from no were but so exciting, now this explains why Elle hasn’t been sleeping much through the night little monkey, also this week Elle has been doing more seating up and playing rather than laying down and playing, also yesterday Elle pulled herself up into the furniture yay my clever princess.


Elle has always been so laid back and a very chilled baby that will do things in her own time, πŸ™‚


So what has Mikey been getting up to..well this cheeky boy likes to be on the move all day long unless its  nap time of course!
Mikey likes to touch everything,  he works very hard to find things to explore, Mikey now has 4 teeth and knows how to use them!
Mikey can walk along furniture! Last week Mikey had a accident he fell of the bed and landed on a tub of nappy cream, lesson learnt don’t put kids in the bed and bend down to get dressed all it took was 2 seconds and bam on the floor poor thing cut his head open on the nappy cream, there was a massive cut going down his forhead we went to a&e and Mikey has to get his cut glued and stitched poor thing feeling awful, Mikey is OK now and cut had healed nicely and shouldn’t scare


   Also this week I ordered two new car seats and Elle and Mikey love them they love looking around and being sat forward facing, just makes you realise how grown up they have gotten all sudden.


Marley will be 4 next month even that’s gone quick bless him!  I have already started Christmas shopping and birthday present shopping just need to hide them all πŸ™‚


Two happy bears ready for three walk in there new soft fluffy snow Coats from Tesco.com Β£12 there beautiful πŸ™‚


33 Week old twins

Crazy just crazy they are 33 weeks old already before I know it it will be there first birthday!! These are my small babies why are they growing so quickly I got Elle and Mikey weighed.
Mikey is 20lb
Elle is 19lb 1oz

This week I finely decided to start finger food with the twins and believe me why didn’t I do this sooner, they have been sleeping through the night again.
So far they have had toast, cucumber, carrot, broccoli,cheese, and they are loving it now just need to put a meal plan together! 

Elle is now crawling but still has no teeth but her gums are very hard, Mikey has 4 teeth now and has started standing up by pulling himself up, time needs to slow down it was only Feb that I had Elle and Mikey!

Marley has been amazing lately a very careing, kind loving soul do proud xx





Willen lake summer fun


Monday the 7 of us went to willen lake in Milton Keynes, such a beautiful place there, so much to see, from play grounds to mazes and water sports, boat hires, zipp wires, climbing, things to see on your walk round such as Buddha temple, it was very hot which was nice but little too hot after we walked around the whole lake roughly 4 mile walk, the lake didn’t look that big but it really was, we were all so thirsty and tried to get to the pub quicker hehe,
So much for children to do in willen lake and of course us grown up’s, in the summer there are sometimes little fun fair, and lots of shows and events happen here to.
There is a cafe, pub, and ice cream van.
If you live in the area or visiting the area really should go and take a look just beautiful really is check out there website for more info http://www.willenlake.org.uk



Amazing 5 hours there and will return again πŸ™‚

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Summer holiday fun

On Sunday we went to the big cheese in caphilliy in Wales, no this isn’t a big cheese you nibble on even though that would be pretty awesome!!
Big cheese is a massive event with massive fun fair, stalls and lots of acts!
It was massive never seen so many people enjoying themselves with all the entertainment.
Marley had a amazing time and really enjoyed the fair rides, it was so hot, the twins slept the whole time part from when pestered them to drink water because it was so hot, then we had a big bbq and before you know it another late night.
Monday all ready and packed up and decided to bring niece and nephew back with us for the week we have lots of fun things to do so keep an eye out on my daily updates of events πŸ˜‰


Daddy and Marley on the ghost train ooo


Marley loved these wish i could buy one for him he really did enjoy these boats



My amazing family!!!

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