Woburn Safari

The park let’s animals roam freely while visitors drive through their enclosures. The species held in the park include Southern White Rhino, elands, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Addax, Gemsbok, Ankoles, Zebras, African Wild Asses, Asian Elephants, Bactrian Camels, North American Bisons, bongo, African Lions, Pere David’s Deer, Canadian Timber Wolves, black bears, Patas Monkeys and Barbary Monkeys.

The park also has a 40-acre (16 ha) leisure area featuring animal talks, petting zones, a gift shop, family restaurant and a Go Ape! course. Animals in the leisure park include lemurs, squirrel monkeys, wallabies, emus, penguins, goats, ponies, reptiles, red panda and marmosets. There is also a soft play centre called the Mammoth Play Ark.

We had a fantastic day, We had cheeky monkey’s climbing all over our car, we had tigers brush past the car (he definitely was looking angry at us, as the park ranger told me not to stop and keep driving at him otherwise he will damage my car, that was a scary moment….

There is a couple of restaurant on site, but it is always nice to have a picnic.

Woburn offtern hold event days, we happened to go when peppa pig was visiting, Elle isn’t normally a fan of costumes, but today she decided she wanted to say hello.

Mikey was the most excited to see peppa pig, he ran up to her and he told her I love you, then shouting it’s definitely the real peppa pig Elle…. cuteness.

Swan Boats, first time the twins have ever been on boats, and what an awesome experience for them! It wasn’t for me, but for them it was great fun.

I can’t do small boats in water, specially when you have children like mine that have no fear, and start rocking from side to side ahhhhh.

It really is a wonderful day out, you can go around as many times as you want, and experience different points of the Day.

We saw some funny moments, specially when a bear was pushing a car, and some awww moments when we saw lots of baby monkey.



Warwick castle day out

Visit Britain’s Ultimate Castle!

Dating back to 914, Warwick Castle has stood as an impressive Mediaveal Fortress on the banks of the river Avon for the last 1100 years. Attacked in 1264, besieged in 1642 and damaged by fire in 1871, the castle has survived the changing fortunes of history and remains one of the most well-preserved Mediaveal castles in the UK. Named recently as one of the richest families in British history, the Earl of Warwick had lots of money and knew how to spend it! As wars ceased, the Earl enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, the results of which can be seen in the elegant 17th Century Great Hall and State Rooms, home to the castle’s most prized possessions.

A visit to the castle also takes you through the beauty of the landscaped Capability Brown gardens, down into the mediaeval vaults and into the private residence of the Earl where you can discover the reality about the lives of the Earl, his family and their servants. For those with stamina, you can even climb to the top of our towers and ramparts – still open to the public after 1100 years and offering breath-taking views of the English countryside.

A visit to the castle wouldn’t be complete without watching the jousting tournament (summer only), the magnificent Birds of Prey, or the world’s largest trebuchet launching a fireball – an impressive sight to behold!

Located only 15 minutes from Stratford-upon-Avon, a visit to Warwick Castle is a must on any visit to Shakespeare’s England.

There is plenty to do with a massive children adventure park and beautiful fun mazes,shops and cafe.


33 Week old twins

Crazy just crazy they are 33 weeks old already before I know it it will be there first birthday!! These are my small babies why are they growing so quickly I got Elle and Mikey weighed.
Mikey is 20lb
Elle is 19lb 1oz

This week I finely decided to start finger food with the twins and believe me why didn’t I do this sooner, they have been sleeping through the night again.
So far they have had toast, cucumber, carrot, broccoli,cheese, and they are loving it now just need to put a meal plan together! 

Elle is now crawling but still has no teeth but her gums are very hard, Mikey has 4 teeth now and has started standing up by pulling himself up, time needs to slow down it was only Feb that I had Elle and Mikey!

Marley has been amazing lately a very careing, kind loving soul do proud xx





Funny thing’s Marley has said!

Marley is 3 years old and will be 4 in November, Marley comes out with so many any funny things I thought I would share and constantly update.
Kid’s do say the funniest things….

1) mummy- Marley are you  looking forward to going back to school.
Marley-yeah I can’t wait to get out of this house!

2) stood in the kitchen washing up. Marley- mummy I don’t want to get as old as you.
Mummy- charming!

3) a lot of talk about wedding breakfast going on Marley butts in ,Marley – mummy  I will buy cereals for the wedding breakfast don’t worries.

4) we went out for dinner one day,  the manger came over and spoke  to Marley, Marley was asking strange questions and the manger was going along with Marley crazy conversation, manger walked of and Marley shouts that man is crazy!

5) Marley believes if someone rubs your back it will make you pregnant( Ant rubbed my back when I had morning sickness lol)

6) Telling a complete stranger that my mum wears nappies has got to be the most embarrassing experience of my life(period)

7) Marley  convinced he has been to Africa and a man made him a Africa bowl… I’m pretty sure they came from wilko myself!

8) Marley believer’s he has a monster that lives in  his room and most nights they watch DVD, I asked Marley to prove this is a real monster so Marley stood at bottom of the stairs shouting for the monster to come down ten minuets later the monster suddenly had to go home! Kid’s and there imagination!

30 week old twins


This week 7 months old Mikey decided that he would show of and show me he could crawl!!! Yes he finely crawled instead of rocking on all fours, was such a proud mummy moment! Elle is nearly on her way to, oh dear now the hard work will begin!! Need to get them eyes at back of my head now!!! Now they can reach everything i have to do a spring clean and put everything up high!!
I just can’t accept that there growing up so quick! Upside of crawling is it tires them out so much they will sleep longer theough the night!!


Elle trying 🙂 my princess!!



My 3 children growing up very quickly!!
Marley is enjoying being back at nursery!!

2 weeks to go till the wedding…stress…panic time…get organised Sam…sod it still time to do everything 😉
Had hen do at weekend oh. My now i know why i don’t drink 🙂

So at 30 week’s old what can twin’s do;
. roll over
. sit up unaided
.army crawl
.play with toys together
.eat well purée food
. would love to put sleep but still not 100%
.babble on between them
.wave hello
. poke tongue out
.know how to have a paddy!!

Every child is different, so development is a lot different from child to child. Xx

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Red hot world buffet Milton Keynes

Last night i was lucky enough to go on a date with my husband to be, my sister Lisa and brother in law babysat the 3 kid.
We went to Red hot in Milton Keynes they are a buffet world of 7 different types of food from around the world and had 120 dishes to try from you help yourself to a plate and have as much as you like there was Chinese, Italian, grill, Indian,Mexican, Japanese, and Thai.
The buffet was set out from starter to main in the middle and. Desert’s on the outside
I can not express how lovely the food was it never went low and was always stocked up, 7 different cuisines to visit and catered for everyone,
The desert’s display was amazing home made ice cream, huge chocolate fountain, cute selection of cakes just amazing!!
My mouth is watering again i want to go back!! Can wait to plan my next visit!!
The atmosphere was amazing music, happy friendly staff waiting on you hand and foot, just a fantastic place to go highly recommend!!

26 Week old twins

Ok so now 26 weeks have passed since my c section and my two beautiful bundles of joy entered my life…why are the weeks going so quickly!!

So Elle and Mikey have been eating 3 meals a day anything from spinach to grandpa’s roast and they love most of what they eat, i noticed Elle has rather sweet tooth and likes sweet things more like her fruit cocktail she loves them and can’t get enough!

This week Elle has mastered howvto use the sit in baby walker, so this week we had to go and buy another walker so they can both enjoy the walker at the same time, so place your bet now……;)

Elle and Mikey are still doing well through the night wake for bottle at 5.30 but soon as they have had there 8oz back to sleep they go till 9.

Mikey is still rocking on all 4’s but i honestly don’t think it be long till he can crawl about,

This week i started back at work doing 11 hour shifts so I’m very much missing my 3 little people i bet i have missed out on loads but needs must!!


Bumper car’s with the walkers!!


Marley in his onesie what a bird 😉

Also this week i set up a wedding last weekend with my buisness sweet tree’s by SJ here pictures



😉 xx

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