Easter Fun

Happy Easter to you all.

We have had an exciting fun day filled with chicks, bunny’s and of course lots of chocolate!

So far in three days we have made Easter bonnets, been to Stowe house and the le manior.



We have been lucky enough to go on 2 egg hunts in two very luxurious places on our door step.

The children made some special Easter bonnets to take to our egg hunts.

Easter isn’t about chocolate, winning egg hunts. It’s about being with loved ones that you take your journey with, making memories and being happy are far more important…

Happy Easter love me, Marley, Elle and Mikey ❤


Marley does Jado Kuin Do


So Marley has had an opportunity to start Jado Kuin Do, here is our review after 4 weeks.

What is Jado Kuin Do?

Family Martial Arts, developing confidence, better concentration, discipline , coordination and balance, leadership skills, teaching young people to have inner strength.

Marley is really enjoying Jado Kuin Do. At first Marley had no coordination and definitely no balance after 4 weeks I can see a huge difference, Marley is concentration a lot more than he has in the last 3 weeks.

Marley attends the Jado Kuin Do in the Thame  sports centre he is taught by a trained and qualified instructor called John and his 2 daughters, I find the group well lead with lots of fun and games to amuse the children but also there is discipline to learn.

I wish I put Marley into this group earlier as he really enjoys it. Marley’s has asked if he can attend everyday.

Jado Kuin Do is held all around the country in the UK to find your local group follow this link:http://www.wjo.org.uk/



1 year old twins!!

OK so I’m 2 weeks late at posting the twins birthday blog,  oopps, life became 10 times busier all the sudden, what’s that all about!!

OK so the cheeky twins Elle and Mikey have turned one, that is crazy, can’t believe 1 I have survived the whole year and 2 they are 1 years old time has gone way to quick and needs to slow down
My once small baby’s are now big humans that can walk, argue, be cheeky,  list is endless!!


2 days old


Mikey on his birthday


Princess Elle on her birthday,

They had a wonderful birthday spent with family and a meal out then of to a kids play park.

Since there birthday they both have Gained 3 more teeth,  and now walking, even though Elle walks she walks like a crab 🙂

Time should stand still!!

Why are the days, weeks, months even the years going so quick???
  Is it because I’m getting older?  Have days got shorter, everything feels like it is speeding up!!
  All these precious moments are passing me by to quick never enough time to enjoy it!!

Feeling sad that my twins will be one in 2 weeks, they were these small baby’s laying in my arms not so long ago and now they are these crazy baby’s that like to pull chunks out of your head, like to wipe there snotty noses on you when your not looking, thinking there giving you these loving cuddles, arguing, fighting over toys,  they are so demanding at the age of 1, were have those sweet and innocent non demanding baby’s gone!!!

  I felt tearful the other day when I was packing all there tiny baby clothes, you always wonder to yourself were they really that small?!  Do I really have to get rid of these beautiful small clothes, can’t I just have another set of twin baby’s……..No that’s it for us no more children, perhaps this is why it’s going so fast I’m trying to cling onto them being baby’s!!!

I can’t believe Marley will be 5 this year feels like yesterday I had him and the twins!!
This time last year I was size of a whale, complaining how uncomfortable I was, now I want that moment back, the moment I saw them for the first time, feels like it was last night!!

Mikey is now walking, and Elle just learnt to stand, it’s all moving to quickly.

Don’t ever wish life away, one day you be sat thinking wish the years would slow down,  before I know it they will all be leaving home and having there children…… 😦

Love you Marley, Mikey, Elle the 3 of you will always be my baby’s!!!






2014 best bits!

2014 wasn’t a bad year for me, I had more ups than downs, I have birth to 2 very beautiful twins Elle, Mikey, I have a beautiful boy Marley who really had a heart of gold and can make anyone smile, I also married my soulmate who is totally the biggest pain in my bum, but couldn’t live without 🙂 I hope 2015 is just as good 🙂




43 week old twins

Merry Christmas







Merry Christmas to my fantastic readers…family..love…food…happiness xxxxxx

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