Good cop, bad cop

How stressed out can you get mummy today???

Very stressed out…

Do you ever get them moments where you hate your children? You love them, but god they can send you into a metal home quicker than anything!!

So me being the good cop, I gave them each two pound pocket money, I suggested we walked down the shops to buy perhaps a small toy, I have come down the stairs ready to go….

Guess what….

You guest it, no ones dressed let alone got their shoes on!!! Even my neighbors got their shoes on after the final 1000 time I had shouted at the children!!

I knew from that moment that maybe going out was a bad idea!!

We get to the shops, we have melt downs, tantrums, crying on the floor, screaming as loud as they can. I was so embarrassed that I just carried on, safe to say they didn’t get anything from the shops so I will be using that £6 for a bottle of wine!!!!!!

I do get days when I think geeze why don’t my kids hate me, I shout more than Sargent major!!


Men v women working mother


Did you know in the last year there has been a rise in stay at home dads? There are now 227,000 stay at home dad’s in England!

I have just started back to work full time and doing 50-55 hours a week, were as Ant is a stay at home dad, so does this work for us?
Well yes we can’t afford to spend 1 wage on childcare its to expensive to say least, and has i have a lot of qualifications i can earn far wage a week.
I enjoy my job but miss my 3 children more than i realised, at weekend when have weekend of and the twins see me there like two flapping birds happy to see me, i normally see Marley when i get home at half 7pm.

I don’t think ever realised how hard it was going to be i mean between us noticed a lot more grey hairs 😉 he is very good at looking after the kids specially being summer holiday’s mind you i do come home to a messy house and dinner to cook after my 12 hour shift.
I did moan about it last week as really annoyed me i felt tired and been a long day And had a bitch flip at him then went to bed, the next day i felt guilty as i called him lazy ect but it isn’t true, difference between me and Ant is i always tied up and loved clean house ect but spent less time with the kids, were as Ant spends more time with kids and less cleaning which is how should be the kids grow up to quick to keep missing out on things and worrying about housework i can be OCD but Ant had a point ( believe it or not) the house work can wait! However when i get home from work i do quickly tidy up and sort washing ect ready for his day the next day.

I’m so so proud of Ant for coping being a stay at home dad because he suffers with depression and anxiety and copes better than i do but i think he generally loves being at home with his children.

Love my family ❤