Cooking Fresh bread

Nothing starts the day like the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven mmmmm

So with this uk lockdown and having 3 children to look after, cooking is keeping me sane for sure

1 x Yeast

1 x Tsp white casting sugar

500g Plain flour

1 x Tsp salt

1 X Tsp olive oil

One Fresh loaf made filling the house with the smell of divine warm bread.

Cooking Homemade Sauage Rolls

So ask the kids to help, as always fun, so we made sauage rolls for our lunch today. We’ll oh my goodness, they was out of this world and so so good.

4 sauages

1 x egg

Puff pastry

1) skin the sauages and place in a bowl add a tea spoon of water,

2) Add parsley, salt, Peper, garlic, onion and mix

3) roll your pastry out and line it with sauage in a straight line, wrap pastry around the sauage

4) Score line’s on the top,, whisk a egg and coat on the top of the sauage roll remember to do the ends as it will seal it in.

5) place in the oven for 20 mins, give a turn half way, let cool and fill them tums…. You definitely will not be disappointed.

Enjoy ♥

Make over 💄

So when a household becomes bored, the most funny things begin to happen…..

So Elle decided she wanted to give Mikey a pampering experience, one for us all to never forget…..

Doesn’t he look happy….

Even though Mikey doesn’t look to happy about his pampering experience he received from his twin sister, he was happy enough to be a model for her again lol.

So let your child get creative, me and the kids would love to see your pictures of make over. It will create giggles and lots of fun ♥

We are back….

So here in UK, we are on a light lockdown, me and the grown up children thought we would come back to blogging to you lovely guys and try and keep you all entertained, from our household to yours.

So here we are. Lots will be added, to the page from cooking, worksheets, funny pictures, and lots others. We hope you are all safe and well.

Woburn Safari

The park let’s animals roam freely while visitors drive through their enclosures. The species held in the park include Southern White Rhino, elands, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Addax, Gemsbok, Ankoles, Zebras, African Wild Asses, Asian Elephants, Bactrian Camels, North American Bisons, bongo, African Lions, Pere David’s Deer, Canadian Timber Wolves, black bears, Patas Monkeys and Barbary Monkeys.

The park also has a 40-acre (16 ha) leisure area featuring animal talks, petting zones, a gift shop, family restaurant and a Go Ape! course. Animals in the leisure park include lemurs, squirrel monkeys, wallabies, emus, penguins, goats, ponies, reptiles, red panda and marmosets. There is also a soft play centre called the Mammoth Play Ark.

We had a fantastic day, We had cheeky monkey’s climbing all over our car, we had tigers brush past the car (he definitely was looking angry at us, as the park ranger told me not to stop and keep driving at him otherwise he will damage my car, that was a scary moment….

There is a couple of restaurant on site, but it is always nice to have a picnic.

Woburn offtern hold event days, we happened to go when peppa pig was visiting, Elle isn’t normally a fan of costumes, but today she decided she wanted to say hello.

Mikey was the most excited to see peppa pig, he ran up to her and he told her I love you, then shouting it’s definitely the real peppa pig Elle…. cuteness.

Swan Boats, first time the twins have ever been on boats, and what an awesome experience for them! It wasn’t for me, but for them it was great fun.

I can’t do small boats in water, specially when you have children like mine that have no fear, and start rocking from side to side ahhhhh.

It really is a wonderful day out, you can go around as many times as you want, and experience different points of the Day.

We saw some funny moments, specially when a bear was pushing a car, and some awww moments when we saw lots of baby monkey.

Easter Fun

Happy Easter to you all.

We have had an exciting fun day filled with chicks, bunny’s and of course lots of chocolate!

So far in three days we have made Easter bonnets, been to Stowe house and the le manior.

We have been lucky enough to go on 2 egg hunts in two very luxurious places on our door step.

The children made some special Easter bonnets to take to our egg hunts.

Easter isn’t about chocolate, winning egg hunts. It’s about being with loved ones that you take your journey with, making memories and being happy are far more important…

Happy Easter love me, Marley, Elle and Mikey ❤

Battling the twin’s bedtime

Is it just me, but the older children get the worse the attitude becomes!!!

Elle and Mikey are now 4 years old, what happened to them nights where you gave them a bottle and wrapped them up and boom!!! Fast asleep!

Why did they have to grow into little people that love to argue, love to back chat like they are 16!!! If I hear “I said NO” one more time they be sleeping in the garden with the slugs!!!

Elle and Mikey have shared a room since they were born. In the last week I have decided to split them up, and now do not share the same room.

Elle seems to sleep so much better, Mikey isn’t waking her up like he wakes everyone up, Mikey isn’t enjoy being in his own room, he misses “annoying Elle” in Mikey’s words…

I have found it a a lot easier in separate rooms, I can still hear the patter of feet running along the floor boards, but I only have to go upstairs once Max twice a night now!

Being a single mummy, it’s nice to get the evening to yourself instead of running up and down the stairs! However my evenings never consist of “mummy time” what even is “mummy time” is that where you doing all the cleaning and washing when children are asleep?? As that’s pretty much what my evening consist of, night in, night out!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Twinkies

So we are back!!! 

Look who have turned 3 years old. I will never believe how fast time has flown. They both have their own cheeky personality. We are now coming back to the blogging world so watch this space 🙂 

1 year old twins!!

OK so I’m 2 weeks late at posting the twins birthday blog,  oopps, life became 10 times busier all the sudden, what’s that all about!!

OK so the cheeky twins Elle and Mikey have turned one, that is crazy, can’t believe 1 I have survived the whole year and 2 they are 1 years old time has gone way to quick and needs to slow down
My once small baby’s are now big humans that can walk, argue, be cheeky,  list is endless!!


2 days old


Mikey on his birthday


Princess Elle on her birthday,

They had a wonderful birthday spent with family and a meal out then of to a kids play park.

Since there birthday they both have Gained 3 more teeth,  and now walking, even though Elle walks she walks like a crab 🙂

Weekendbox review

   I’m a mummy to 3 children my oldest Marley is very hard to keep entertained most the weekends, as I normally have weekend chores to catch up on, the piles of washing to get through and 2 baby’s sort out through the day! 
   Marley doesn’t get much mummy time. So when I got offered to do the http://www.Weekendboxclub.Com I thought me and Marley could have a day with each other doing fun things, and as Marley loves craft what better way to sit down with the weekend box In your onesie on a wet miserable Sunday!!!



The weekendbox comes with everything you will need to do each activities, there are 4 craft activities to be made. Our weekend box theme is Aztecs here is the gang!


The weekend box arrived very quickly and fits through the postbox so no waiting in for a delivery, it arrives in a beautiful, colourful box that got Marley excited Straight away!!



Marley made a parrot, and tiled coaster, and a string picture and the 4th activity was to sit down and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after all our hard crafting, you also get a certificate at the end that can be coloured in by your child, there really is no waste!! Marley really couldn’t be happier, he really enjoyed this weekend box, and I now have signed up to receive every weekend so Marley and I can have some time together!

The weekend box are for ages from 3-6 years have given me a promo code for all my wonderful readers to receive a Free weekend box this runs out on the 9th February 2015 so get there quickly!!  Promotion code is SAMANTHA177

This is the best idea I have ever seen for kids,  we are now excited about receiving our next weekend box.

Head over to

Happy weekends!!!! 



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