A star has been born.

What little girl doesn’t love Elsa and Anna from frozen, what little girl doesn’t love to dance to Music……

Elle is 4 years old and a twin! And a massive frozen fan, However mummy really isn’t, if I have to hear “let it go” one more time it may resort into a breakdown!!!!!

Elle has learnt the moves to “let it go” she is a little cutie when she dances her heart out, she is my little star!

Her wish is to go and see Elsa in her castle, I guess we all have ambitions so why shouldn’t a little 4 Year old girl….

Elle is very much, a girly girl, she loves her princess dresses, Elle loves her sparkly shoes. Elle definitely has expensive taste and love the finest things in life….. just like her mummy ❤


37 week old twins

Well hello 9 month old twins.
And NO not sleeping through the night!!! Teething seems to of got worse again for both of them, Elle and Mikey have been very clingy this week fighting over me and both pushing each other over so that only one can get a cuddle! 
Trying to teach them that there is enough mummy to go around.


Both of them fell asleep on me they must miss me when I’m working aww!

  Elle hasn’t been well at all this week she has a virus she looks very pale and has had a high temperature of 38 and just been constantly sleeping that’s the only night she went through the night,  she however is feeling good better now and back to her normal self now see….


I love this face she pulls everytime she eats lol as if she is sniffing the food.


Playing nicely which make a change normally pushing each other or knicking dummy of each other.

We are now down to two bottles of milk a day which is great 10oz morning and same at night, they are loving all different types of food and now have become great eaters!
Elle now says ta after you have given her something and Mikey waves hello and buy so cute and they both now dance to music these to make me smile day in day out such funny characters!

  Marley now has the week of school, and has not started well as he is full of attitude and being naughty 😦

Me Myself and I


Loving my ted baker pink top with no back, summer time is hard for some people specially people that have no confidence, I’m one of them people, i worry to much what other people think, why? Easy beacuse people are judged people so quickly, beauty can be skin deep, it is truly whats on the inside that counts, we may not feel perfect but we all are perfect in every way we choose to be, I’m not going to let anyone ruin my confidence this year and will not be put down for being fat nor ugly! Today i samantha will stand up to these confidence haters 😀

Enjoy that summer feeling for what it is!! ❤ love to you all beautiful people inside and out!!!

Me 20 weeks after twins


Me 20 weeks after Elle and Mikey 🙂

19 weeks!

Whooo finely we have signal and network again 🙂 so elle and Mikey are 19 weeks old today i had them weighed and elle is 15 lb 1 0z and Mikey is 17lb..Mikey is still a whooping 2lb bigger than his dinky sister ahh so twins decided since last week they no longer like sleeping through the night!! Meh it was just to much of a treat to there wonderful mummy!!! So now they wake up at half 3 then half 5!!! Ooo how i got used to the full night sleep and now back to dips and dabs!!! I think they need separate cots now as elle tends to wake Mikey in the night by either kicking him or punching the poor sleeping boy!! Elle is a wiggle bum and tends to army crawl around the cot then her feet meet Mikey’s face and thatd what courses Mikey to wake at half 3 then half 5!!! I feel sad that am going to have to separate them as there so needy to one another the bound they have they just want to be close to one another..but i think it be for the best plus hopefully go back to a full night sleep!!! I have been keeping elle and Mikey up later to see if that makes a difference and it worked we skipped the half 3 call and slept till half 5 lets just hope it can stay like that till we get a separate cot …

Marley has been a good boy lately anf the gold star chart his starting to see more gold stars rather than big black cross 🙂 he gets treats depending on. What stars he got!!…..parents got called into the classroom this week to hear what the children were proud of..there is me thinking bet Marley is proud of his hot wheels or trash pack collection or even a dvd…he suprised me he stood there and said…. i am proud of my babies and how happy he was having a brother and sister and how much he loved them !!! Blub blub all the mums looking at me i was emotional tearful mummy but i never heard moo say any off this before he necer said anything a long the lines i felt so proud of my little dude

Well 13 weeks and 3 days till the wedding and am still not organised in the slightest!!! But least the hendo is sorted haha 

Well best go i have two dirty names with my name on them errr 😉