Easter Fun

Happy Easter to you all.

We have had an exciting fun day filled with chicks, bunny’s and of course lots of chocolate!

So far in three days we have made Easter bonnets, been to Stowe house and the le manior.



We have been lucky enough to go on 2 egg hunts in two very luxurious places on our door step.

The children made some special Easter bonnets to take to our egg hunts.

Easter isn’t about chocolate, winning egg hunts. It’s about being with loved ones that you take your journey with, making memories and being happy are far more important…

Happy Easter love me, Marley, Elle and Mikey ❤

How hard is it being a single mum to 3

No one said being a mother was easy, but being a single mother to 3 children definitely isn’t easy. It’s not like you can lock yourself in the bathroom for a five minute chill out, you sit in the bathroom, door slings open;

“what you doing mummy”

” Are you going to be long mummy”

“I need a pretend wee mummy”

” I will wait outside the door and keep asking you the same questions mummy”

It’s like my children think they will miss out on something, yes kids called being on your own for two minutes, it’s called piece and quite, it’s called LEAVE ME ALONE for two minutes…..

However I am lucky, my parents and sisters have my kids one weekend a month, so I can get my sanity back and survive the next 3 weeks! I would be lost with out their help and support.

Being a single mum is a very tiring and never ending job, it can be a lonely one to, there is no one to give you a break in the day, no one to help you with housework, cook dinner, you even have to run your own bath!!!!!

Many single mums cope, I honestly believed I would never cope as a single parent, it scared me the thought of being a single mother, what if I failed…..what if I got it wrong…..the truth is I cry most days because my kids shout they hate me, because their socks didn’t match, but I know deep inside everything I do, I do for them, their is days when I feel truly burnt out and don’t want to wake up the next day.

But when my three babies say they love me and I’m the best, I know deep very deep down they do appreciate everything I do for then, and know I try my hardest to get it right. ❤

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1 year old twins!!

OK so I’m 2 weeks late at posting the twins birthday blog,  oopps, life became 10 times busier all the sudden, what’s that all about!!

OK so the cheeky twins Elle and Mikey have turned one, that is crazy, can’t believe 1 I have survived the whole year and 2 they are 1 years old time has gone way to quick and needs to slow down
My once small baby’s are now big humans that can walk, argue, be cheeky,  list is endless!!


2 days old


Mikey on his birthday


Princess Elle on her birthday,

They had a wonderful birthday spent with family and a meal out then of to a kids play park.

Since there birthday they both have Gained 3 more teeth,  and now walking, even though Elle walks she walks like a crab 🙂

Weekendbox review

   I’m a mummy to 3 children my oldest Marley is very hard to keep entertained most the weekends, as I normally have weekend chores to catch up on, the piles of washing to get through and 2 baby’s sort out through the day! 
   Marley doesn’t get much mummy time. So when I got offered to do the http://www.Weekendboxclub.Com I thought me and Marley could have a day with each other doing fun things, and as Marley loves craft what better way to sit down with the weekend box In your onesie on a wet miserable Sunday!!!



The weekendbox comes with everything you will need to do each activities, there are 4 craft activities to be made. Our weekend box theme is Aztecs here is the gang!


The weekend box arrived very quickly and fits through the postbox so no waiting in for a delivery, it arrives in a beautiful, colourful box that got Marley excited Straight away!!



Marley made a parrot, and tiled coaster, and a string picture and the 4th activity was to sit down and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after all our hard crafting, you also get a certificate at the end that can be coloured in by your child, there really is no waste!! Marley really couldn’t be happier, he really enjoyed this weekend box, and I now have signed up to receive every weekend so Marley and I can have some time together!

The weekend box are for ages from 3-6 years

Weekendboxclub.com have given me a promo code for all my wonderful readers to receive a Free weekend box this runs out on the 9th February 2015 so get there quickly!!  Promotion code is SAMANTHA177

This is the best idea I have ever seen for kids,  we are now excited about receiving our next weekend box.

Head over to https://www.weekendboxclub.com/main/splash

Happy weekends!!!! 



Wish list!

Wow I just seen that Amazon do a wish list? So for the evening I been putting all the things I want my husband to buy me into my wish list! What are the odds of my husband buying me any of them?  Very slim hehe, now let’s hope my family are reading my blog, 🙂

  If you want to make a wish list head over to here, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/ls?ref_=aw_bottom_links_wl

Get all your gifts down, I think this is fantastic for birthdays and Christmas xx

2014 best bits!

2014 wasn’t a bad year for me, I had more ups than downs, I have birth to 2 very beautiful twins Elle, Mikey, I have a beautiful boy Marley who really had a heart of gold and can make anyone smile, I also married my soulmate who is totally the biggest pain in my bum, but couldn’t live without 🙂 I hope 2015 is just as good 🙂




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