April is c-section awareness month. To all the hard as nails mothers who have endured this. You’re still as much of a mother as the next woman. Major surgery is by no means the ” easy way”. To those recovering and those about to enter into motherhood. Just thought I would share these with you.

If your not a fan of blood or Glory, PLEASE do not click on the picture

29 weeks bump, 29 weeks twins!


29 week bump and 29 week old Elle and Mikey 🙂

Then to Now

Cant believe its a whole year already since i found out i was pregnant, i remembered when i took the 2 test i knew it was twins!, everything around me was twin related from leaflets to seeing loads of twins about,
Always felt like a sign, i remember when i said to my best friend its twins i know it is!! Freaky!!
You know what after all the dread and worry’s and the if the but about having twins..i love it, i love being twin mummy and wouldn’t change my 3 beautiful children!
Even though am looking forward to Saturday for my birthday night away with adults, but will miss Marley, Elle and Mikey so much 🙂


This photo was just before we found out i was pregnant 😉


So when we told family we was expecting twins, no one believed us until shown scan picture, it was so. Much to take in, a couple hours ago was sat thinking we had lost it and. Now suddenly there is 2!!!! Everything ran through my head… Omg how will i cope with 2 baby’s and a 2 year old am i mad!! I went through so many emotions to the point i wouldnt except it was twins, i felt guilty for Marley my 2 year old how will he react, how he will. Lose our time together,  it took me 7 months to actually sink in its twins!! I was getting tips from other twin mummy’s, reading “horror story’s” of other twin mummy’s, how they not slept in days or even had time to brush there teeth, this scared me..you think surely these people are fibbing!! But who knows untill there here!! All you can do is cope you will have no choice!! All i ever heard is routine and be organised, i am the most unorfanised person ever how is this going to work!!!! 

As time went on,  the. Bigger i got the more tired i felt and the guilt i felt towards Marley as i didnt have much time to give i just wanted to sleep, all this attention he wanted and games he wanted to play i couldnt, i felt he was being pushed out and guilt kicked in and made me feel so down i felt useless, morning sickness was awful and made me not want to move for days!!

People would say ” not long to go ” my reply would be am only 28 weeks and there look on there faces was a picture! You always wondered what they was really thinking!! 

I started showing at 11 weeks which i thought was crazy as am a big girl and from 11 weeks i grow and grow but tried to push myself to carry on with. People said having twins is a blessing.. From what i heard it didnt sound. A. Blessing!! Scans every month baby’s breech, getting to the point i needed crutches to walk, getting out of bed become a tearful task, i wanted this. Over and done with i didnt want to be pregnant anymore!

My last scan was 36 weeks, i sat explaining to consultant how i just cant take anymore i was so big and how tired and fed uo i was they told. Me next Wednesday at 37 weeks i will have a c section..i felt relieved but also scared, that time of not havinf time to. Brush your teeth is going to be a week away!! I hoped. It would go so slow!!! 

Finding out about being pregnant

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My name is samantha and this is my blog about twins from week to week, the dirty nappes, sick in the hair, the ups and the downs, this is my journey with my twins elle and Mikey!!

On the 09 th July 2013 i found out i was pregnant, it was a big shock to me and Anthony as only Anthony was working as i looked after our 2 year old as child care was just to expensive! So after long chat and thinking things through we decided that we can bring another baby into our family, we told our familys on 13th July my birthday everyone was so happy for us, but was still sinking in for us,

On a Friday we was getting ready to go to midewife and then get ready to go away for the weekend, midewife said that am about 5 weeks along done wee test and blood test and off we went.Got home and finished packing, i ran to the toilet and noticed quite a bit of blood i panicked, it drawned on me i do want this baby i don’t want to lose it now..why is this happening to me, i went straight back to my midewife who had gone home they put me through to see a gp,

That moment of sitting in the waiting room, 1000 things running through your head, the call of your name echo’s through the hall way, went in to see the doctor told her how i was feeling, what was happening to me…she told me because am 5 weeks not much they can do and she would book. Me a scan appointment for Monday!!! A whole weekend of not knowing if am pregnant or not was so hard,  how can i. Enjoy my weekend away not knowing what was happening to me!!

Monday came i had an appointment for 12 for a scan, i felt so nervous, so tired from not sleeping, sat waiting to go in for my scan i looked to Anthony and said “what will be will be” then our name was called out! 

That moment of walking into scan room. And sitting on the bed the dim room were your thoughts were all over the place, the moment your asked to lift your top up, feeling of the cold gel placed on your belly, that. Moment of can i take what she is about to. Tell me!!! 

What the midewife told me i was never prepared for!!!ever!!! 

She looked to me and said this isnt the first time this has happened today.. I looked to Anthony so worried, she has such a gental carering smile and looked at me and said its double troubl..your having twins!!!!  And i was 9 weeks gone!!!! I cried i didnt know how to feel this was the biggest shock i have ever had!!! I was glad baby that had been babies were ok, Anthony sat there laughing nervously,  we left that room and must of said “oh my God” 1000 times!!!