Now I’m a Mrs!!

On Saturday 27the Sept I married who I believe is my soulmate, my best friend, the love of my life!!


The day went very quick, and now feeling the wedding blues!!
The night before the wedding I got 45 minutes sleep, as Elle was unwell and wouldn’t sleep so by half six I was still up and Elle has just fell asleep so was time to start getting ready, it doesn’t really feel like I’m getting married it feels like a dream that I will wake up to soon, I had the hairdresser arrive at half eight in the morning to start doing my hair, sat chatting away and it still didn’t feel real one bit, then the make up artist arrived, and before I knew it it was ten o’clock and had to get into my dress with help of my mum and sisters I was in my beautiful dress, the lead up to the wedding had been so stressful as we only had a £500 budget so it had to be as perfect as I could get it,

When I got into the car it hit me,  OMG I’m getting married fighting back tears so make up doesn’t smudge it was tears of feeling so overwhelmed, happiness, nervous every emotion that is you feel it, we arrived out side the beautiful reception I felt OK again I was greeted by all family saying this is last time they see me as a N elms that set me of again, me and my dad and son Marley went into a room to check everything is still the same on the give notice paper work I was fine then it was time to start the wedding, me and my dad stood in place ready to walk sown the aisle, my dad one side Marley the other side stood at the entrance to go in I had to stop the tears just fled out and needed to pull myself together quickly, then caught my breather and starting walking through to see my handsome husband to be stood there with a smile and teary eyes.


We became husband and wife this is one of the best days of my life!!


If we could do it all over again we would after many pictures being taken we then head to venue for food and speeches, Ants speech had most the hall on tears and beat of all it all came from the heart, Anthony suffers anixty so standing up in front people was very hard for him but he made me very proud and tearful to.


After the wedding breakfast it was time to get the hall ready for the evening party which was fancy dress and disco themed party, pictures will follow of the hall as not received yet. We had amazing night all though a lot of people didn’t turn up or didn’t matter because people that were there are the ones we wanted to celebrate with the ones that let us down are no longer part of our life!!


We had a amazing day and went very quickly indeed but so happy
Here to us Mr and Mrs markerson xx

Summer holidays over


Marley back to school next week, i can not believe six weeks have flown by i honestly thought it would come to point i be sat in the corner pulling my hair out wishing school would open again but instead i actually enjoyed the last six weeks, we kept busy and kept Marley entertained, with days out, visiting friends and family and lots of craft, its been amazing even though i started work a week ago i still was home for a month enjoying time with the kids!!
We got up to lots of fun days out and now its time to start thinking of getting Marley ready to start back he can’t wait to get back to school to see his friends!

Yesterday we went uniform shopping to asda in future i will do it online couldn’t believe how busy it was trying to get around the shop was a nightmare you couldn’t move it was so busy!!
But we managed to get all of Marley’s back to school cloths sorted asda is great for uniform shirts from £2.50 and grey school trousers from £3 spider man lunch box £2 complete bargain we all know what boys are like with getting dirty and rips in the cloths easily replaces at £3.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to take Marley on holiday this year so we have booked a holiday to Greece for 2 weeks next year so excited can’t wait!! Marley deserves it after coping so well with twin’s!!

Here is Marley’s craft that he made today he wanted me to show my loggers as he calls it ( bloggers) lol

His 3D dinosaur he is really happy with it 🙂 so proud of Marley for coming so far and being a good boy he always keeps me smiling!!

My wedding planning!


The count down has begun!!
6 weeks and 6 day’s
Wow so exciting, but just want it over and done with now, planning is stressful!

I meet Ant six years ago instantly i knew he was the one.everything felt right and never felt so happy, we have our up’s and down’s and been through some tough times in six year’s but we have managed to get through all that’s ever been dished to us we are so strong we are stuck together with super glue 😉
Ant proposed to me in October 28th 4 years ago, when i was pregnant with Marley! It was a typical unromantic proposal bless him but he had a ring and was beautiful,

So we decided in April this year lets do it let’s get married this year!! So rang registry office and see what date’s were available and that’s were it all started for 27th sept, finely marrying my soulmate!!

We only have a wedding budget of £670!
Can it be done?? Hell yes! How let me tell you how:

.Keep it simple have the important people spending that special day with you.

. Make a budget and stick to it.

. Registry office is cheaper in the week than weekend.

. No bridesmaids.

. Look for free venue, or cheap venue remember you can decorate any hall up.

.Use a friends or family’s nice car save loads of money.

. Contact a collage see if there is students looking to build portfolio up this is free!

. Do your own evening buffet food.

.Get married late in the day that will cut out wedding breakfast.

.EBay and selling pages are great for picking bargains up.

.Make all your own wedding invites.

. Shop around for price’s before you bye anything

We have a twist on our evening party as when i was browsing for red and white WEDDING items i can’t believe how much more it cost because it’s a wedding!!
So i decided to do a theme wedding and our theme wedding is disco from all era, fancy dress as well to add that excitement to our night, even the food will be as retro as we can, party ring anyone 😉 the hall will be decorated up with disco balls, full light system and so much more you will have to wait six weeks and six day’s 😉

I have most things but still lots to do! I’m a very un organised person so best get moving 😉


Follow me to keep update of my big day on such small budget 🙂

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Family picture’s

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Bowling at xscape in Milton Keynes

Last day of us 7 together before Danii and Louis go back to Wales, we went bowling in the xscape centre in Milton Keynes they have cinema, skydiving, snow boarding, rock climbing, shops, and lots of places to eat, its a very big dome shape building, we went bowling there, the place was small 17 lanes and 2 v.i.p area’s with 3 lanes in each, there is a restaurant there to, but looked very pricey, its cost £13 for one game for 3 children, then we got upgraded to a v.i.p section for free were you get a member of staff helping with everything they even go to the bar to get the drinks, each bowling alley had leather Sofa’s to sit on and looked very nice and colourful with a hit of ooo aww how posh!
The kids enjoyed playing bowling and Marley won the game as he had the rails up, me and ant sat on the Sofa’s watching them play which was nice.
To find out more visit website for more information on Xscape



Good day worth a visit to Xscape

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Coral reef swimming world

Today we went to coral reef swimming world in bracknell near Winsor, so much to do there for all ages, a massive ship in the middle lots of baby to toddler pools with lots to do in them, water rapids, flume rides fast,medium and slow slides to be enjoyed by all part from me i stupidly went on the fast slide and nearly wet myself!!! I felt i couldn’t breath but am a wuss!! They also have outside pool and exploding volcano that lets of a lot of water bit like a jet was 4x over! The pool provided free arm bands for the children that are not so confidant, they have a beach cafe and bar there called coconut beach, bit pricey so we took a picnic, there is also  photographs that get taken by the pool edge that you can have done but is optional,  price for 7 of us was £22.50 which is a fantastic price for 7 people! They also have steam room and sauna.
I would recommend this place and will use again for a cheap day out we had 5 hours of fun!!
Elle and Mikey loved the swimming pool they was so excited looking around and splashing about, Elle just kept smiling at everyone and really looked like they both enjoyed it, Marley loved every minute of it specially the ship with canons sprays out water! All in all amazing day we had, we are all wrinkly and tired.
To check out details look here





This place is a must visit!!

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About me


NAME– Sam, Samantha ( when being told off, wiggles, sammie,

AGE– 27

EYES– blue

HAIR– brown, long and curled

CHILDREN– Marley 3 born 30/11/2010 Elle and Mikey twins both born 12/02/2014

HABBITS– biting my nails, smoking,

HOBBY’S– I’m a mum to 3 what i like doing goes out the window!! But enjoy making sweet trees or being out and about, like swimming, theme parks, being in lovely places.

SOCIAL–My rubbish bin goes out more than i do, or facebook is my gossip feed. Other than that don’t have many friends.

WHAT MAKES YOU SMILE?–No doubt my children of course, however what makes me. Smiles is being spontaneous and that makes me happy.

5 years time i would love to be living by the seaside with my 3 amazing children and my husband to be, i would love to open a sweet shop business, and be very successful.

MUSIC– Ant is a raver so in the house a lot of techno, hardcore and gabber is played and drum bass , i also like some garage and love songs 😉

Will keep updating so keep a look out 😉

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