How hard is it being a single mum to 3

No one said being a mother was easy, but being a single mother to 3 children definitely isn’t easy. It’s not like you can lock yourself in the bathroom for a five minute chill out, you sit in the bathroom, door slings open;

“what you doing mummy”

” Are you going to be long mummy”

“I need a pretend wee mummy”

” I will wait outside the door and keep asking you the same questions mummy”

It’s like my children think they will miss out on something, yes kids called being on your own for two minutes, it’s called piece and quite, it’s called LEAVE ME ALONE for two minutes…..

However I am lucky, my parents and sisters have my kids one weekend a month, so I can get my sanity back and survive the next 3 weeks! I would be lost with out their help and support.

Being a single mum is a very tiring and never ending job, it can be a lonely one to, there is no one to give you a break in the day, no one to help you with housework, cook dinner, you even have to run your own bath!!!!!

Many single mums cope, I honestly believed I would never cope as a single parent, it scared me the thought of being a single mother, what if I failed…..what if I got it wrong…..the truth is I cry most days because my kids shout they hate me, because their socks didn’t match, but I know deep inside everything I do, I do for them, their is days when I feel truly burnt out and don’t want to wake up the next day.

But when my three babies say they love me and I’m the best, I know deep very deep down they do appreciate everything I do for then, and know I try my hardest to get it right. ❤

My £500 Wedding

You maybe thinking if I have spent £500 budget on my wedding it must of been really tacky, I personally think my wedding was amazing here is how we done our £500 wedding!!






1) Give notice =£60

2) Pay for register office pick one with lovely surroundings, sure makes perfect pictures, also book in the week is cheaper than the weekend however mine was the weekend=£150

3) Decide on colour theme, or a theme for the wedding and party, my colour was red for the cermoney, then the evening was fancy dress and disco of any era so kind of retro.

4) There are many balls you can hire out for free these days so may call around and see what can be done!

5) Wedding car we all would love a lovely car HOWEVER one of your  friends or family must have a lovely car that you can use is it really worth spending £300 on a car hire, any car can have an bit of bow on it! We used my mums land Rover!

6)catering and food, we asked friends to do our wedding breakfast we had 3 course meal for 30 people we had prawn salad for starter and need roast and cheesecake for after with was £150, if you want to keep food cost down perhaps get married late afternoon so no need for a wedding breakfast it so your own spread such as a finger buffet and get food from wholesalers, Iceland,  or find deals on at the supermarket.

7) most bars these days are free for set up cost and only make money by drinks sold, so phone local pubs see what they can offer

8)Wedding dress, I got mine from ebay for £50 and loved mine and it is a designer dress, shop around


9) flowers are so easy to make these days! Oaises and some Pretty flowers is all you need, so simple to make and same for button holes it cost you half the price! My flowers cost me £4!

10) hair, either you could do your own hair, or contact the collage and ask about wedding hair this could be free sometimes!  My hair was done by a mobile hairdresser costing £30

11) make up and nails,  do your own make up or ask sisters or friends to help you do make up runs, nails I brought some groom boots,£6

12) because my wedding theme was retro I went to Carboot sales and online selling pages and even charity shops to find old records to put on the walls, glow sticks from poundland, larva lamps an driver disco balls all came from b&m, we made our own buntings and all decorations and sweet table was all made from scratch we spent £60 on decorations


13) photos were taken by a friend’s dad who had a decent camera and did the honour of taking pictures of our day for free we had over 500 picture put on to a USB, so if you know anyone with a decent camera ask or again contact the collages as students are always looking to add to portfolio

14) wedding cake I was lucky a friend’s sister is a cake maker and made our lovely 3 tire cake for £30 but if your not so lucky see if you can hire a cake stand and look in asda and Tesco as they do lovely wedding cake form £12

15) DJs can be quite cheap these days or what’s wrong with a CD player and make a CD with all songs you like to play, lights we hired the lights with just a deposit and we received that back the next day when took lights back,

16) I didn’t have any bridesmaid because I couldn’t afford to buy dresses so wouldn’t be fair!

17) rings are stainless steal from Hong Kong they have half a heart on them with love written on these were £5.

18) invites were made by hand with print out from the internet and some card for very crafty.

19) I wore flat wedding shoes as I’m very tall my wedding shoes were £3 from primark.

20) the groom wore a suit that was in the cubard.

Any questions you would like to ask feel free!  My wedding cost £490 to the penny so if you think you need to spend thousands then your mad I don’t think my wedding was at all tacky, the day fly’s by so quick spending that amount of money on a day that’s over in a flash. Main thing about your day is enjoy them moments xx




Now I’m a Mrs!!

On Saturday 27the Sept I married who I believe is my soulmate, my best friend, the love of my life!!


The day went very quick, and now feeling the wedding blues!!
The night before the wedding I got 45 minutes sleep, as Elle was unwell and wouldn’t sleep so by half six I was still up and Elle has just fell asleep so was time to start getting ready, it doesn’t really feel like I’m getting married it feels like a dream that I will wake up to soon, I had the hairdresser arrive at half eight in the morning to start doing my hair, sat chatting away and it still didn’t feel real one bit, then the make up artist arrived, and before I knew it it was ten o’clock and had to get into my dress with help of my mum and sisters I was in my beautiful dress, the lead up to the wedding had been so stressful as we only had a £500 budget so it had to be as perfect as I could get it,

When I got into the car it hit me,  OMG I’m getting married fighting back tears so make up doesn’t smudge it was tears of feeling so overwhelmed, happiness, nervous every emotion that is you feel it, we arrived out side the beautiful reception I felt OK again I was greeted by all family saying this is last time they see me as a N elms that set me of again, me and my dad and son Marley went into a room to check everything is still the same on the give notice paper work I was fine then it was time to start the wedding, me and my dad stood in place ready to walk sown the aisle, my dad one side Marley the other side stood at the entrance to go in I had to stop the tears just fled out and needed to pull myself together quickly, then caught my breather and starting walking through to see my handsome husband to be stood there with a smile and teary eyes.


We became husband and wife this is one of the best days of my life!!


If we could do it all over again we would after many pictures being taken we then head to venue for food and speeches, Ants speech had most the hall on tears and beat of all it all came from the heart, Anthony suffers anixty so standing up in front people was very hard for him but he made me very proud and tearful to.


After the wedding breakfast it was time to get the hall ready for the evening party which was fancy dress and disco themed party, pictures will follow of the hall as not received yet. We had amazing night all though a lot of people didn’t turn up or didn’t matter because people that were there are the ones we wanted to celebrate with the ones that let us down are no longer part of our life!!


We had a amazing day and went very quickly indeed but so happy
Here to us Mr and Mrs markerson xx

Guest post from stay at home daddy!

I asked Ant to do a guest post to what it’s like to be a stay at home daddy.
Q. How do you find being a stay at home dad?
A. I find very hard work and can be stressful.

Q. What’s the hardest thing about your day?
A. Not getting a full night sleep and also keeping on top of things as too much to do in little time.

Q. What do you like the most about being a stay at home dad?
A. When you come home ( aww )
On a postive note I get to see everything first and I don’t miss out on anything.

Q. What made you want to be a stay at home dad?
A. Because you could earn more money than me.

Q. Do you stick to your routine?
A. No its very hard with 3 children around.

Q. Do you still think women that stay at home get it easy?
A. Yes women are more organised and on top of things than men.

Q.  What’s your favorite memory about being home
A. Seeing Mikey crawling for the first time,  and spotting Mikey’s  first tooth and the smiles I get all day long makes it all worth while.

Q. What you most proud of?
A. Making 3 beautiful children , and for doing it alone


Break down

So first time in 19 weeks i felt i couldn’t cope!! We came back from a relaxing weekend in wales were i didnt have to make sure the house was spotless and didnt have to do the things i would do if i was at home! Monday morning i woke up feeling sluggishcand just no motivation normally i wake up and already bouncing of the walls and getting all chores done…not today i felt sad and tearful, i felt numb and like i just wanted to stare into space, i felt like i didnt care that things needed doing…i was so snappy towards ant and being so spitful…what the hell was up with me i spent 3 days crying and being down and depressed i felt like i had burnt out i had no energy to carry on how i had been…maybe i was doing to much and a break away made me lose my routine…i felt like i just couldnt cope 😦 this wasn’t like me at all. But by Thursday i managed to gain a bit of control and to slowly carry on and get back into a routine….i also think because Marley said to me i dont like seeing you sad…so another reason to carry on and do what needed to be done… Am back on the routine and coping… Some days i have 3 children cry at me…but when all 3 of them smile at me makes my time as a mummy worth while 

No one said it would be easy being a mummy                  BUt no one said it would be hard.                                       We should appricate what we have and never take it for granted..we lead one life make it count and cherish them pressure’s moments that we will never get back again love xxxxx

19 weeks!

Whooo finely we have signal and network again 🙂 so elle and Mikey are 19 weeks old today i had them weighed and elle is 15 lb 1 0z and Mikey is 17lb..Mikey is still a whooping 2lb bigger than his dinky sister ahh so twins decided since last week they no longer like sleeping through the night!! Meh it was just to much of a treat to there wonderful mummy!!! So now they wake up at half 3 then half 5!!! Ooo how i got used to the full night sleep and now back to dips and dabs!!! I think they need separate cots now as elle tends to wake Mikey in the night by either kicking him or punching the poor sleeping boy!! Elle is a wiggle bum and tends to army crawl around the cot then her feet meet Mikey’s face and thatd what courses Mikey to wake at half 3 then half 5!!! I feel sad that am going to have to separate them as there so needy to one another the bound they have they just want to be close to one another..but i think it be for the best plus hopefully go back to a full night sleep!!! I have been keeping elle and Mikey up later to see if that makes a difference and it worked we skipped the half 3 call and slept till half 5 lets just hope it can stay like that till we get a separate cot …

Marley has been a good boy lately anf the gold star chart his starting to see more gold stars rather than big black cross 🙂 he gets treats depending on. What stars he got!!…..parents got called into the classroom this week to hear what the children were proud of..there is me thinking bet Marley is proud of his hot wheels or trash pack collection or even a dvd…he suprised me he stood there and said…. i am proud of my babies and how happy he was having a brother and sister and how much he loved them !!! Blub blub all the mums looking at me i was emotional tearful mummy but i never heard moo say any off this before he necer said anything a long the lines i felt so proud of my little dude

Well 13 weeks and 3 days till the wedding and am still not organised in the slightest!!! But least the hendo is sorted haha 

Well best go i have two dirty names with my name on them errr 😉

Busy bees!

So third attempt to write this part again as silly me forgot to save each time grrr ..

So i had my tamba memebership come through the post, how exciting and a big wow for the discount you get 50% of holidays and 10% of Clarke’s and mothercare  all for £1 a month so worth it, its expensive with two of everything!! All the advice given on tamba newsletter’s fantastic!! Its really worth the read so if you haven’t signed up do it now!!!! 🙂

So this morning i woke to find we get married in 12 weeks OMG!!! Am not organised at all i still have no dress 😦 still not done invites either i been so busy being here there and every were twins dont seem to sleep in the day any more, so now its the time that they need entertaining!! But at least they now officially sleep through the night 7-7 whoo one lucky mummy!!!

So i found my first grey hair!!! Am 27!! I shouldnt have Gray’s… I went out and brought lots of hair dye i was mortified!!! And depressing am getting old boohoo even though i. Blame Marley for being so so naughty lately still only 1 gold star on his chart!!!