Time should stand still!!

Why are the days, weeks, months even the years going so quick???
  Is it because I’m getting older?  Have days got shorter, everything feels like it is speeding up!!
  All these precious moments are passing me by to quick never enough time to enjoy it!!

Feeling sad that my twins will be one in 2 weeks, they were these small baby’s laying in my arms not so long ago and now they are these crazy baby’s that like to pull chunks out of your head, like to wipe there snotty noses on you when your not looking, thinking there giving you these loving cuddles, arguing, fighting over toys,  they are so demanding at the age of 1, were have those sweet and innocent non demanding baby’s gone!!!

  I felt tearful the other day when I was packing all there tiny baby clothes, you always wonder to yourself were they really that small?!  Do I really have to get rid of these beautiful small clothes, can’t I just have another set of twin baby’s……..No that’s it for us no more children, perhaps this is why it’s going so fast I’m trying to cling onto them being baby’s!!!

I can’t believe Marley will be 5 this year feels like yesterday I had him and the twins!!
This time last year I was size of a whale, complaining how uncomfortable I was, now I want that moment back, the moment I saw them for the first time, feels like it was last night!!

Mikey is now walking, and Elle just learnt to stand, it’s all moving to quickly.

Don’t ever wish life away, one day you be sat thinking wish the years would slow down,  before I know it they will all be leaving home and having there children…… 😦

Love you Marley, Mikey, Elle the 3 of you will always be my baby’s!!!






10 things that annoy me in my life!

1) Random people stopping you, hello have you never seen 2 baby’s before.

2) Stupid questions that you get asked about twins, please think before you ask! You might feel less stupid when I reply with the answer!

3) The arguing my twins do, they act jealous of one another, then tears all start because one doesn’t have what the other has.

4) When one twin is fast asleep and the other twin must be bored on there own, so decided to wake the other twin up!

5) The amount of times you change an outfit in a day, then walk into the kitchen to see the huge pile that needs to be washed!

6) Rude people that have nothing nice to say, I can still hear you mumbling under your breath!

7) Bad drivers, how did you even get a licence to drive! If Legoland issued that licence we are all doomed, stay carm and INDICATE!

8) My husband, every women hates it when leave the toilet seat up, I must swear to myself every time I walk into the bathroom.

9) My husbands cleaning! Push everything to the side and make it look tidy.. … PUT IT AWAY WERE IT BELONGS!

10) Biggest thing I hate the most is people that whisper! How rude can you get if you have to whisper what are you bloody four and in a playground, your a grown adult do you seriously need to talk behind people back? I like honest people!

For now I can only think of ten things that annoy me, but I think there are loads more 🙂 

Wish list!

Wow I just seen that Amazon do a wish list? So for the evening I been putting all the things I want my husband to buy me into my wish list! What are the odds of my husband buying me any of them?  Very slim hehe, now let’s hope my family are reading my blog, 🙂

  If you want to make a wish list head over to here, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/ls?ref_=aw_bottom_links_wl

Get all your gifts down, I think this is fantastic for birthdays and Christmas xx

2014 best bits!

2014 wasn’t a bad year for me, I had more ups than downs, I have birth to 2 very beautiful twins Elle, Mikey, I have a beautiful boy Marley who really had a heart of gold and can make anyone smile, I also married my soulmate who is totally the biggest pain in my bum, but couldn’t live without 🙂 I hope 2015 is just as good 🙂




New year

Happy new year to my lovely readers!

What’s your new year resolutions?

Mine is to lose weight,  and give up smoking,  what’s the odds I can do it?  Shell I do a week by week profile for them?