Now I’m a Mrs!!

On Saturday 27the Sept I married who I believe is my soulmate, my best friend, the love of my life!!


The day went very quick, and now feeling the wedding blues!!
The night before the wedding I got 45 minutes sleep, as Elle was unwell and wouldn’t sleep so by half six I was still up and Elle has just fell asleep so was time to start getting ready, it doesn’t really feel like I’m getting married it feels like a dream that I will wake up to soon, I had the hairdresser arrive at half eight in the morning to start doing my hair, sat chatting away and it still didn’t feel real one bit, then the make up artist arrived, and before I knew it it was ten o’clock and had to get into my dress with help of my mum and sisters I was in my beautiful dress, the lead up to the wedding had been so stressful as we only had a £500 budget so it had to be as perfect as I could get it,

When I got into the car it hit me,  OMG I’m getting married fighting back tears so make up doesn’t smudge it was tears of feeling so overwhelmed, happiness, nervous every emotion that is you feel it, we arrived out side the beautiful reception I felt OK again I was greeted by all family saying this is last time they see me as a N elms that set me of again, me and my dad and son Marley went into a room to check everything is still the same on the give notice paper work I was fine then it was time to start the wedding, me and my dad stood in place ready to walk sown the aisle, my dad one side Marley the other side stood at the entrance to go in I had to stop the tears just fled out and needed to pull myself together quickly, then caught my breather and starting walking through to see my handsome husband to be stood there with a smile and teary eyes.


We became husband and wife this is one of the best days of my life!!


If we could do it all over again we would after many pictures being taken we then head to venue for food and speeches, Ants speech had most the hall on tears and beat of all it all came from the heart, Anthony suffers anixty so standing up in front people was very hard for him but he made me very proud and tearful to.


After the wedding breakfast it was time to get the hall ready for the evening party which was fancy dress and disco themed party, pictures will follow of the hall as not received yet. We had amazing night all though a lot of people didn’t turn up or didn’t matter because people that were there are the ones we wanted to celebrate with the ones that let us down are no longer part of our life!!


We had a amazing day and went very quickly indeed but so happy
Here to us Mr and Mrs markerson xx

32 week old twins

I’m nearly a week late writing about the 32 week point …
Been very busy I just haven’t had the time.


So the cheeky duo have been OK, Elle has been unwell lately again with a very bad cough and I’m sure she is at the teething stage she just not liking sleep at all!!
Glad I had the week of as Elle hasn’t seemed to of slept very much,  also Mikey now has 4 teeth 2 at the top and 2 and the bottom and looks so cute , were as Elle has no teeth at all!

Also this week we brought Elle and Mikey high chairs we saw aldi had baby week in so went and stocked up on baby nappies and wet wipes and also brought two chairs.


Bless them so much easier to feed them now!!!
Week 32 has just been a blur because our it was the run up to the wedding so been there busy!!

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Do you really need two of everything twins

Um, no.

When you find out you are having twins, your mind starts to wonder if you will need two of everything.     After a lifetime of attending baby showers and walking through mothercare , you assume that you will need at least two of every baby gadget and toy (in various colors and patterns, of course.)  But you don’t.  I promise.

I’ll admit that I too fell prey to the cunning lies shooing me back to mothercare week after week.  Those little voices whispering that I needed at least 2 of everything, one in pink and one in blue

*Cot- You can actually get away with just one for several months since your babies will be pretty small and easily fit together.  We had our twins nap in the same cot for a couple months, Elle and Mikey shared cot till they were six months old then brought another cot .

*Car Seats – Of course I know that you already know you need 2 car seats unless you are still in denial that you are having twins.  If your doctor told you that you are having twins, make sure you buy 2 car seats….one for each baby.

*Bouncy Seats – These vibrating chairs are wonderful and most babies enjoy them.  They help your baby sit at an incline so they work especially well if you have a baby that frequently spits up.  You can also put the babies in these to stare at the wall or the ceiling fan.  Exciting entertainment these bouncy seats provide, I tell ya!

*Double pushchair that is big enough but not to big to pop in the car, that’s light to push and not too wide so you can’t get through the shop doors!!

*need at least 20 bibs
*I had 9 bottles
*lots of nappies
*loads of wet wipes most likely go through a packet a day!
*if breast feeding a decent breast pump.
*lots of easy to clean and put on cloths baby grows

Don’t worry to much about toys because they can play one at a time eg door bouncer, jumproo


baby’s first teeth (known as milk or deciduous teeth) usually develop while the child is growing in the womb.

In most babies, these teeth start to emerge through the gums when they are around six months old. This process is known as teething.

The teething process

Most babies start teething at around six months. However, all babies are different and the timing of teething varies.

Some babies are born with their first teeth. Others start teething before they are four months old, and some after 12 months. Early teething should not cause a child any problems, unless it affects their feeding.

A rough guide to the different stages of teething is:

bottom front teeth (incisors) – these are the first to come through, at around five to seven month stop front teeth (incisors) – these come through at around six to eight month stop lateral incisors (either side of the top front teeth) – these come through at around nine to 11 months bottom lateral incisors (either side of the bottom front teeth) – these come through at around 10-12 months molars (back teeth) – these come through at around 12-16 months canines (towards the back of the mouth) – these come through at around 16-20 months second molars – these come through at around 20-30 months

Most children will have all of their milk teeth by the time they are two and a half years old. 

Teething symptoms

Some teeth grow with no pain or discomfort at all. At other times you may notice that the gum is sore and red where the tooth is coming through, or that one cheek is flushed. Your baby may dribble, gnaw and chew a lot, or just be fretful.

Some baby’s attribute a wide range of symptoms to teething, such as diarrhoea and fever. However, there is no research to prove that these other symptoms are linked.


Thing’s we have used for Elle and Mikey to help with teething:
.bonjela ( my favorite by far)
.freezer rings
.teething dummy’s
.teething pegs
My most use one is bonjela and I really believe it soothes pain fast 🙂

31 week twins

I have to write this post a day earlier I can’t hold it in for one more day!
Mikey has a tooth!!! He doesn’t have his bottom tooth he has tooth at the top of his gum! I always thought that bottom teeth came first but who cares he has a tooth!  And I can see Elle top teeth waiting to come through aww my baby’s are growing up way to fast,  also last week Mikey  is officially crawling and in to everything, Elle  is crawling but for 2 crawls at a time but she will get there.

Elle and Mikey have been giving me lots of slide mouth kisses, makes my heart melt, they are so clever!


Elle and Mikey still play well together even though there are sometimes jealousy rages between them both, I don’t think that will ever change.
Sometimes I look at my 3 children and doesn’t feel real, like there not mine, and it’s all a dream, pinch myself to check this is my reality love my children.

Well next weekend is my wedding day I can’t believe how quick it has come round 🙂

Marley has been enjoying school this week he is learning about colours, and has been having breakfast at school and he seems to really enjoy that 🙂

This weekend we had spring clean and bagged lots of items up for charity how do we have so much stuff barring in mind only done a spring clean 2 months ago so were does all the extra stuff come from!!
Happy 31weeks Elle, Mikey xx

Guest post from stay at home daddy!

I asked Ant to do a guest post to what it’s like to be a stay at home daddy.
Q. How do you find being a stay at home dad?
A. I find very hard work and can be stressful.

Q. What’s the hardest thing about your day?
A. Not getting a full night sleep and also keeping on top of things as too much to do in little time.

Q. What do you like the most about being a stay at home dad?
A. When you come home ( aww )
On a postive note I get to see everything first and I don’t miss out on anything.

Q. What made you want to be a stay at home dad?
A. Because you could earn more money than me.

Q. Do you stick to your routine?
A. No its very hard with 3 children around.

Q. Do you still think women that stay at home get it easy?
A. Yes women are more organised and on top of things than men.

Q.  What’s your favorite memory about being home
A. Seeing Mikey crawling for the first time,  and spotting Mikey’s  first tooth and the smiles I get all day long makes it all worth while.

Q. What you most proud of?
A. Making 3 beautiful children , and for doing it alone


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