28 week old twins

This time last year i would of been 16 weeks pregnant and still coming to term’s that there will be 2 new baby’s on the way!! And now look the twins are 28 weeks old!! Utter craziness!!

This week Elle and Mikey are now saying dadda and mumma and cooing away to one another, and playing therr toys with each other Mikey likes to nick Elle dummy when there playing however Elle not impressed with this game!!

Mikey and Elle still not sleeping through the night again wish them teeth would show now as i feel like a zombie, one very tired mummy at work 😦

Also this week Elle and Mikey starting to recognises everyone’s name who lives in the house…were is Marley?

Also i think i will need to invest in highchair soon as on 3 jars of food a day and loving there food and making a mess of course!!

So this weekend Ant is of on his stag do! Whole weekend on my own with 3 kids! Can’t see myself going out anywhere!!
But hope Ant has great time away I’m sure he needs it last 2 weeks he been a stay at home dad!!


Elle nicked Mikey dummy and Mikey nicked Elle dummy there so so cheeky!!

My penguin entertainment the twins were trying to get Marley’s feet hehe


Pushchair fetish

Is there really such a thing as a pushchair fetish??
With Marley i had a total of 13 pushchairs through out the time he used pushchairs, now it was a fetish to buy the most beautiful pushchair i didn’t want a cheap pushchair as thought Marley deserved a beautiful set of wheels for a beautiful baby the best pushchair i had was a silver cross 3D i only had it for 3 months till changed for something else!!

So when i got the twins pushchair i convinced my self i would keep it till they were 4 and i love it so much bla bla however i do really love it but will not part from it so i made an excuse up to Ant that we should keep that one for walks and get another pushchair for the car….guess what he said yes!! Little does he know that it’s another to my collection!!
So i found myself browsing eBay for a twin sis and bro pushchair but nothing came up just a nice pink and blue pushchair would look nice. I have seen 100’s of pushchairs that i like ooo and arrrring!!

A girl need’s shoe’s and a girl need’s a decent pushchair!!

All men moan moan moan about how many pushchairs are in the house ” do we need all these pushchairs?” Well yes we do here is Monday pushchair Tuesday, Wednesday and so on 😉

So yes there is such a thing as pushchair fetish…now lets order a new pushchair shhhh 😀

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Summer holidays over


Marley back to school next week, i can not believe six weeks have flown by i honestly thought it would come to point i be sat in the corner pulling my hair out wishing school would open again but instead i actually enjoyed the last six weeks, we kept busy and kept Marley entertained, with days out, visiting friends and family and lots of craft, its been amazing even though i started work a week ago i still was home for a month enjoying time with the kids!!
We got up to lots of fun days out and now its time to start thinking of getting Marley ready to start back he can’t wait to get back to school to see his friends!

Yesterday we went uniform shopping to asda in future i will do it online couldn’t believe how busy it was trying to get around the shop was a nightmare you couldn’t move it was so busy!!
But we managed to get all of Marley’s back to school cloths sorted asda is great for uniform shirts from £2.50 and grey school trousers from £3 spider man lunch box £2 complete bargain we all know what boys are like with getting dirty and rips in the cloths easily replaces at £3.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to take Marley on holiday this year so we have booked a holiday to Greece for 2 weeks next year so excited can’t wait!! Marley deserves it after coping so well with twin’s!!

Here is Marley’s craft that he made today he wanted me to show my loggers as he calls it ( bloggers) lol

His 3D dinosaur he is really happy with it 🙂 so proud of Marley for coming so far and being a good boy he always keeps me smiling!!

Red hot world buffet Milton Keynes

Last night i was lucky enough to go on a date with my husband to be, my sister Lisa and brother in law babysat the 3 kid.
We went to Red hot in Milton Keynes they are a buffet world of 7 different types of food from around the world and had 120 dishes to try from you help yourself to a plate and have as much as you like there was Chinese, Italian, grill, Indian,Mexican, Japanese, and Thai.
The buffet was set out from starter to main in the middle and. Desert’s on the outside
I can not express how lovely the food was it never went low and was always stocked up, 7 different cuisines to visit and catered for everyone,
The desert’s display was amazing home made ice cream, huge chocolate fountain, cute selection of cakes just amazing!!
My mouth is watering again i want to go back!! Can wait to plan my next visit!!
The atmosphere was amazing music, happy friendly staff waiting on you hand and foot, just a fantastic place to go highly recommend!!

Men v women working mother


Did you know in the last year there has been a rise in stay at home dads? There are now 227,000 stay at home dad’s in England!

I have just started back to work full time and doing 50-55 hours a week, were as Ant is a stay at home dad, so does this work for us?
Well yes we can’t afford to spend 1 wage on childcare its to expensive to say least, and has i have a lot of qualifications i can earn far wage a week.
I enjoy my job but miss my 3 children more than i realised, at weekend when have weekend of and the twins see me there like two flapping birds happy to see me, i normally see Marley when i get home at half 7pm.

I don’t think ever realised how hard it was going to be i mean between us noticed a lot more grey hairs 😉 he is very good at looking after the kids specially being summer holiday’s mind you i do come home to a messy house and dinner to cook after my 12 hour shift.
I did moan about it last week as really annoyed me i felt tired and been a long day And had a bitch flip at him then went to bed, the next day i felt guilty as i called him lazy ect but it isn’t true, difference between me and Ant is i always tied up and loved clean house ect but spent less time with the kids, were as Ant spends more time with kids and less cleaning which is how should be the kids grow up to quick to keep missing out on things and worrying about housework i can be OCD but Ant had a point ( believe it or not) the house work can wait! However when i get home from work i do quickly tidy up and sort washing ect ready for his day the next day.

I’m so so proud of Ant for coping being a stay at home dad because he suffers with depression and anxiety and copes better than i do but i think he generally loves being at home with his children.

Love my family ❤

27 week old twins!

So 27 weeks old twins and both the twins have been poorly with cold plus teething which doesn’t help!
So our night routine has gone out the window and now waking and crying every couple hours not for bottle but because they can’t breath and there gums hurt 😦

Elle has also had a rash appear over her face 😦

Here is Elle and her rash on her face still smiling bless her but had no idea what it is, was it allergic reaction? No is it viral? No turns out its dribble rash as she sleeps on her Belly at nights and dribbles she rubs her face in it! It’s all due to teething, however she looks like she has rather sensitive skin.

Mikey to been teething and waking in the nights. Mikey has been saying dadda a lot lately he also still mastering the crawling but he can now pull himself up to sit up on his own! Elle is still trying to sit up unaided


Our selfie 🙂
So hopefully twins will get well soon 🙂

Rainbow refill loom band pack review


I received these bright colourful loom band’s in the post today! I have seen a lot of people going on about loom bands so lets find out what all the fuss is about, as my facebook newsfeed is constantly about loom bands i even got given a loom band by Anthony’s cousin’s daughter Millie, so surely if a 7 year old can make a loom band chances i could to? Well here was my first attempt.


See i would say not bad at all!! Then i became a little smart ass. (These took little longer to master but did it)


Ok I’m just showing of now i know 😉 but these small rubber bands do become addictive!!! I received 5400 rainbow loom bands!! Too many idea’s, i have seen so many things been made out of loom band’s its crazy couple weeks ago a lady made a loom dress and now all sorts are being made!! Suddenly i don’t feel that smart anymore!!

Loom band’s are to only be used by children age 4+  because of choking hazards and also children aged 4+ still need to be supervised by an adult, Marley had great fun and so did i!!!

Pop over to here to buy your rainbow
rubber band refill pack at a excellent cost of £16.90 for 5400 bold, bright loom band’s

I got my rainbow refill loom band pack from here delivery was very quick, well packed, very clear on the front packet about what age suitable from and the description on the packet was spot on

Now please excuse me i must get back to looming 😉


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