So..the lindam jump about plus comes in a small box,  there me thinking oh no i have to build it!!  But when i took out the box it was pretty much ready to use, the lindam door bouncer suspends from a door frame and hold baby snuggly in a up right position, its easy to put up, but you need to make sure you have the right door frame,  and to make sure it can weight bare!! The recommenced weight for lindam door bouncer is 12 kg and recommended from 3 months+ and when baby can hold there head up!

Elle and Mikey love therr lindam door bouncer first time in the lindam they both seemed bit unsure but before you knew it they loved the freedom of the bouncing around and going round and round with smiles on their face you could see the excitement and the face of exploring something new,

Mikey and elle were 17 weeks when they first went into door bouncer, lindam recommend only 20 mins at a time in the door bouncer, thats ok as after 10-15 mins elle and Mikey will start to moan as there tired,  and five mins after you be sure its nap time…good way to tiring them out and get them to sleep 😉

You can pick up a lindam door bouncer in most retailers priced from £20-25 but i would highly recommend, now if we put the door bouncer up elle and Mikey will go crazy because they know what it is 🙂

You can check lindam other products out at i will give this a 5 star 🙂Image

Break down

So first time in 19 weeks i felt i couldn’t cope!! We came back from a relaxing weekend in wales were i didnt have to make sure the house was spotless and didnt have to do the things i would do if i was at home! Monday morning i woke up feeling sluggishcand just no motivation normally i wake up and already bouncing of the walls and getting all chores done…not today i felt sad and tearful, i felt numb and like i just wanted to stare into space, i felt like i didnt care that things needed doing…i was so snappy towards ant and being so spitful…what the hell was up with me i spent 3 days crying and being down and depressed i felt like i had burnt out i had no energy to carry on how i had been…maybe i was doing to much and a break away made me lose my routine…i felt like i just couldnt cope 😦 this wasn’t like me at all. But by Thursday i managed to gain a bit of control and to slowly carry on and get back into a routine….i also think because Marley said to me i dont like seeing you sad…so another reason to carry on and do what needed to be done… Am back on the routine and coping… Some days i have 3 children cry at me…but when all 3 of them smile at me makes my time as a mummy worth while 

No one said it would be easy being a mummy                  BUt no one said it would be hard.                                       We should appricate what we have and never take it for granted..we lead one life make it count and cherish them pressure’s moments that we will never get back again love xxxxx

19 weeks!

Whooo finely we have signal and network again 🙂 so elle and Mikey are 19 weeks old today i had them weighed and elle is 15 lb 1 0z and Mikey is 17lb..Mikey is still a whooping 2lb bigger than his dinky sister ahh so twins decided since last week they no longer like sleeping through the night!! Meh it was just to much of a treat to there wonderful mummy!!! So now they wake up at half 3 then half 5!!! Ooo how i got used to the full night sleep and now back to dips and dabs!!! I think they need separate cots now as elle tends to wake Mikey in the night by either kicking him or punching the poor sleeping boy!! Elle is a wiggle bum and tends to army crawl around the cot then her feet meet Mikey’s face and thatd what courses Mikey to wake at half 3 then half 5!!! I feel sad that am going to have to separate them as there so needy to one another the bound they have they just want to be close to one another..but i think it be for the best plus hopefully go back to a full night sleep!!! I have been keeping elle and Mikey up later to see if that makes a difference and it worked we skipped the half 3 call and slept till half 5 lets just hope it can stay like that till we get a separate cot …

Marley has been a good boy lately anf the gold star chart his starting to see more gold stars rather than big black cross 🙂 he gets treats depending on. What stars he got!!…..parents got called into the classroom this week to hear what the children were proud of..there is me thinking bet Marley is proud of his hot wheels or trash pack collection or even a dvd…he suprised me he stood there and said…. i am proud of my babies and how happy he was having a brother and sister and how much he loved them !!! Blub blub all the mums looking at me i was emotional tearful mummy but i never heard moo say any off this before he necer said anything a long the lines i felt so proud of my little dude

Well 13 weeks and 3 days till the wedding and am still not organised in the slightest!!! But least the hendo is sorted haha 

Well best go i have two dirty names with my name on them errr 😉

My supermum routine

6am- automatically wake up everyday at this time!! Cup tea ready

6.30- get the ironing board out!! I don’t normally iron but since having twins i some how have managed to find time! And i iron every morning!! 

7.15 Marley wakes up so make his breakfast and put channel 5 on to watch the annoying people that look like they have taken something!!! 

7.30 elle and Mikey wake up nappy change, bottles ready before the screaming starts!!

7.45 Marley upstairs brush teeth, wash,dressed ready for school back down stairs to watch programs!

8.20 make Marley lunch box pack school bag

8.45 leave to take Marley to school get twins in the car, get to school take Marley in and two car seats to carry not the lightest to carry!!

9.00 have a quick cuppa ready to do the dreaded bottle cleaning!! 

9.00-12.00- housework!! Large 2 bed to clean topcto bottom wash floors 

12.30 go and do shopping and pay bills ect

3pm- get Marley from school 

3.15 make Marley a snack more bottle feds for baby’s wash bottles up again!

4pm start preparing dinner and sorting washing out ready

4-6 cook, wash up, cup tea, prepare bottles 

6.30-8 run bath for baby’s and Marley washed cleaned, baby’s bottles fed and put to bed, read book to Marley

8-9 hoover, clean up, get school cloths ready, full cubard of clean bottles

9-10 shower and finely BED!!! 


It feels like my days are all go go go!!! 🙂 

Marley sports day smallest boy there xx

Marley sports day smallest boy there xx


17 weeks :)

So i havent blogged for a while!! Silly signal and no ee at all in my “middle of no were place i live”!!! So most of the 2 weeks i have got my self into a good routine!! No phone means lots of things have got done around the house!! About time to maybe it was a sign 😉 so elle and Mikey are 17 weeks old!! Oh my gone so quick these smiling baby’s have turned into teething little monsters that don’t like to sleep, sit there grumpy chewing at there hands! And crying with frustration!! I want my smiling baby’s back!! Night time i must have two hours sleep max!!! Marley didnt start teething till he was six months old and i dont even remember that but every hour am wishing these teeth pegs will come through so i can have happy baby’s back!! 😦

So Marley had his first sports day this week!!! Oh my he looked so small with all these big children around him 🙂 he didnt have a clue what he was ment to be doing hehe but he still was so cute!!! Love my 3 pressures gold angels!! 

Guess what!!! I brought a wedding dress eeekkk and i love it!!!! £50 and was best buy so so happy you will have to wait till sept to see it 😉 

Well am in wales this weekend visiting ants family so manged to get wifi whoo but of home tomorrow to see my wonderful dad for fathers day 🙂 hope all the dads have a wobderdul fathers day 🙂

Hopefully get to write soon 🙂 

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