Last night Marley stayed at nanny’s and grandads house,  its nice for him to get a break from us…and of course the other way round to 😉 he loves going nanny’s Marley gets spoilt rotton and its nice that he will get alot of attention there as sometimes so hard to give him what attention he craves for :(!! So on the way home we thought we would stop at asda get a few bits and bobs, baby’s were hungry so we sat on the boot of the car to feed them both when a old man made the effort to stop the car wind down his window and said” he felt sorry for us” i looked at ant and felt really angry!!!! Dont feel sorry for us mate!!!! And off he drove, how dare he take his time out to say something like this, why feel sorry for me i mean maybe when terrible 2’s kick in then yes please do feel sorry for me but for now keep your options to yourself!!! 

It felt strange putting only twins to bed last night, i felt like i was out of routine, so have the time to so the bed time routine i thought i would treat my self to that lovely  bubble bath then crack on with wedding things… I didnt get far a 5 min bath and a elle screaming house down with trapped wind!!! And no wedding bits done, 

3 years ago i started a little buisness up from home, called sweet trees by SJ for you that dont know its sweet stuck on a craft tree 😉 I’m very crafty, i love. Being busy and making things look amazing 🙂 so today (Friday) i have been doing lots of orders ready for wonderful fathers day!!! 

Marley came home in such a wonderful mood…i did miss him even though can be pain in bum hehe we have just induced a good boy chart every night before bed if he has been a good boy he get a gold star if he is naughty he gets no star i told him if he gets six stars he gets a treat or a present… So far he only has one star but we will get there.

Well i best get on with getting these 3 to bed and crack on with wedding invites only 4 months to go and very unorganised lol 🙂 x



I’m sorry i never really induced myself, am samantha, am 27 this year in July, i hace 3 beautiful children Marley, elle, and Mikey, i live with my husband to be and we have been together for six years 🙂


Photo shoot :)



Happy 15 weeks :)

Ok ok i have an addiction problem with blogging!!!  Haha 1 day of not blogging felt a life time..sad i know but I’m normally a very private person but i have been converted!!!! So waking up Tuesday morning thinking Marley had school….no!! I really must read them newsletters that get sent home every Friday with the same stuff on every week!!! If i aim to read it every Friday may actually sink into my brain!!!! Well its a day with me and the 3 demanding babbas!! And i had made plans thinking Marley was at school 9-3 dam it he is just going to have to come!! Were we off to…well wedding dress shopping a place were no child should be taken!! Special the I’m bored,can  we go now!!!!  Just walking through the shop!! We are getting married 27th sept this year under four months to go, its not a big. Wedding as cant afford it we have a silly budget of £500 and so far we done really well with that!! But its not about this big fancy 22k wedding although sounds lovely.. Its about me and ant making that commitment together forever! We been through lots together and always stood strong, we have ups and downs, tears and happiness, but he is the love of My life….soppy lets swiftly move on from there 😉

So an hour into the shop both twins unsettled and crying i Managed to try 5 dresses on and was very quick in and out of each dress, Marley nagging me..can we go now, last dress now mummy.. Go and get your cloths on now, then sitting there shouting tick tock so loud, then he decided to yell at me and tell me your not trying another dress on!! Wow he sounded like my dad..who is the boss here!!!!  So now have arranged to go next Tuesday with no children!! And in school hours!! Lol i dont know if i enjoyed trying dresses on, i felt fat and thumpie..yeah i had twins 15 weeks ago but still made me feel a little depressesd i want to glow instead i feel like crap and look it am sure, i have 4 months to get into shape and feel great…just doesn’t sound possible!!!!

So Wednesday today, twins are 15 weeks old today, elle weighs 13lb 1oz and Mikey is 15lb01oz what a big diffrence, they have such different personality elle she is a smiler, she very rarely cries so when she does cry its oh elle my poor baby, elle will smile at anything and everything, even if you wake her up she was just smile bless her its so infectious!! However she is a right wiggle bum she just can’t sit still she doesnt give cuddles as she just has to move!! Some nights she will make me up as she army crawls up her cot and gets stuck at top head butting the cot bumper lol And Mikey well he is a smiler to but  You know when he is in a Mood he has a high Pitch cry that sounds like a pig squealing bless him he cant help it thats just his cry lol, Mikey doesnt like to be woken up and he will have the biggest paddy going!! But Mikey gives the most Beautiful cuddles he grips on to you and just lays there, if Mikey and elle are sat next to each other you can always know whats going to happen…elle always punches Mikey in the face and laughs Mikey then be screaming house down!!  There 3 months old!!! I dread the 2 year old twins!! But they have melted my heart sometimes they will lay looking at each other and chat away to each other, or be smiling at each other awww i do love having twins i can see now why its such a blessing 🙂

2 weeks ago we had pictures done in mother care and today we recieved the pictures…ekk i love them!! First professional picture of my 3 beautiful baby’s!! Xx

14 weeks with my twins

So 14 weeks into having my twins, how do i feel? I feel good, can be stressful am not going to lie, Mikey is very conspitated so there are times. When he is screaming the house down we tried everything brown sugar in boiled water, pure orange juice but nothing helped him i hear the baby massage are really good. But in the end i tried prune juice omg it works a treat so now have a happy baby!!!

Elle. And Mikey arevsuch contented baby’s very laid back and very happy!! They are easy to entertain.. For. Now lol, Marley seems to be getting more naughty than normal and think its to. Do with lack. Of attention he gets as twins take so much of our time up then there is cleaning and cooking and washing, i feel guilty that all though i see him most the day that we just not spending enough time one. To one and i think this is. Why he is. Misbehaving, we give him more attention when he is naughty than when he is good!! We take Marley out on special days we been to beach, fforests you name it and it turns out to be worst day ever the way Marley is it ruins the day and we end up back home again, its as if we may aswell stay at home less stress and all, he is 3 going on 16 the attuidtude is terriable, what i need to do is spend more time alone with him and hopefully we shell see if this will help!

I find when am out and about with my twins peoe ask. Most stupid questions: seriously do they not ever feel silly for asking such stupid questions!!!

1) oo two for. The price one…  Erm no two for the price of two!! Have you tried putting two baby’s in one car seat!!!

2)DId you know you was having twins…yes because i had a scan and looked like a. Hippo!!

3) Are. They identicle…well it appears my girl does have a Willy between her legs if she did i would be tad worried to why she is wearing pink!!!

4) oo. I know. What its like mine are a. Year apart…erm mine are 2 minutes apart so no you really dont know what its like!!

5) do twins run in the family… Well. Hello yes there right in front of. You so yes clearly in the family!

7) were they ivf…no but while we on. Such personal subject anything you would like to share!!

8)i dont. Know how you do it…come round and i will train you!

9 aw are they both girls…. Well of course i thought i would make one wear blue and other pink!!! Go to spec savers!!

10) is one 2 months older as looks bigger…well dur i was pregnant and and gave birth to one and kept the other one. In there for 2. Months longer!!

Seriously its common sence lol if your a twin mummy you understand. How frustrating it gets when your in a rush a huge crowd round. You. Both baby’s crying because there hungry yet they still stand there asking silly things, cant. They fo. And quize the mother with one baby thats sound asleep in the car seat!! Now i get to the point were. People say aww twins. I nod. And carry on walking lol,

People. Lately been. Telling me how great i look after having twins…of course there going to say that as if someones going to turn around and. Say you look like. Utter crap mate. Lol how do i feel. After having twins?.. Lets say i feel fat, my skin feels. Old and am sure i seen a few Gray’s lurking. Around! Am 27!!!! Cant. Be my time for Gray’s already!!! Through out my blog i will be doing a weight loss piece this may motivate. Me to get into shape after. My two beautiful twins, am looking for something quick,  easy, and timeless aswell as excerise 🙂

Well thats it for now. I will. Be back every Sunday to let you know. How. Twins and Marley have been and what we been doing abd how we are finding. Things :).

The baby’s x

The baby's x


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