Tissue Paper Hair Dye

So me and Elle decided we need a bit of pampering, something different, after some searching last night I thought I would give tissue paper hair dye ago

Choose what colour tissue paper, remember some colour don’t bleed
Put colour into a bowl, ( this does stain) mix 1 spoon of salt and boiling water, take out the tissue paper
When cooled a little, dunk them ends into the dye for 15 mins then dab
Then wash with conditioner and dry and one very happy girl indeed

This is harmless to your hair and will last between 7-10 days. Definitely made one little girls day today ♥

Children Coping in Lockdown

So I know that every person has a feeling of uncertainty with what’s going on in the world today with this virus, I for one have suffered I high anixty with it all. You really do forget that children are just as scared as we are. All our lives have been turnt upside down in a matter of days, the kids routine with going to school gone, mummy going to work gone, the everyday routine we all moan about gone,

My twin daughter Elle found it all to much the other day and just burst out crying we sat cuddling for a long time, it all feels strange for her, she is 6 years old now (If you been following me from the start… Yes can you believe they are six wow) she is missing her friends, missing her grandad and grandma and her aunties and cousins. Same with us adults I have gone from seeing my mum and sister L, everyday to not at all, all this affects all off our mental health but also our children. So here what we can do.

* Make this as fun as possible for our self’s and children, do things you wouldn’t think off, do t worry about the house being a mess.

* Create so many memories, as one day this is going to go into history and your children will be telling their children everything they did and felt.

* Remember to still make time for yourself.

* Get into a routine with how life is going to be now, children and our self’s need routine.

* You and the kids make a journal about your days and how it feels, these will get read 10000 times

Remember stay safe, stay thankful, and take something positive from this exaperiance perhaps learn a course online, get fit or like me give up smoking, make something count no matter how small or big make a positive reason.

My inbox is always open to everyone and anyone that needs a little guidance or suffering for mental health and feeling the unsettling anixty.


Cooking Fresh bread

Nothing starts the day like the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven mmmmm

So with this uk lockdown and having 3 children to look after, cooking is keeping me sane for sure

1 x Yeast

1 x Tsp white casting sugar

500g Plain flour

1 x Tsp salt

1 X Tsp olive oil

One Fresh loaf made filling the house with the smell of divine warm bread.

Cooking Homemade Sauage Rolls

So ask the kids to help, as always fun, so we made sauage rolls for our lunch today. We’ll oh my goodness, they was out of this world and so so good.

4 sauages

1 x egg

Puff pastry

1) skin the sauages and place in a bowl add a tea spoon of water,

2) Add parsley, salt, Peper, garlic, onion and mix

3) roll your pastry out and line it with sauage in a straight line, wrap pastry around the sauage

4) Score line’s on the top,, whisk a egg and coat on the top of the sauage roll remember to do the ends as it will seal it in.

5) place in the oven for 20 mins, give a turn half way, let cool and fill them tums…. You definitely will not be disappointed.

Enjoy ♥

Cooking Naan Bread

So tonight we decided we will bring to you some home made baking ideas and their recipes.

Since being in a light UK lockdown we have appricated food far more than we ever have. So we have made alot of items from scratch, along with having lots of fun AND delicious and healthier meals.

200g of gold dust… (plain flour)

1 tsp of Sugar

1 tsp of yeast

150ml of warm water

1 tbsp of veg oil

1 tsb of Salt

50g of butter

1) Mix sugar, yeast and warm water in a bowl and rest for 10 mins

2) Gold dust oh sorry meant plain flour… Into the bowl with veg oil and salt and mix

3) add parsley, onion, garlic and herbs or flavours you like chilli if that’s what you like.

4) knead for 5 mins then cover with cling film for an hour to rise in a warm place

5) roll out the whole dough, then roll up and cut into small chunks take 1 chunck and roll out make as flat as you can.

5) pop under the grill, make sure you are keeping an eye as they fill with air, place a small layer of butter over the top and turn

Enjoy that meal ♥ we sure did ♥

Make over 💄

So when a household becomes bored, the most funny things begin to happen…..

So Elle decided she wanted to give Mikey a pampering experience, one for us all to never forget…..

Doesn’t he look happy….

Even though Mikey doesn’t look to happy about his pampering experience he received from his twin sister, he was happy enough to be a model for her again lol.

So let your child get creative, me and the kids would love to see your pictures of make over. It will create giggles and lots of fun ♥

We are back….

So here in UK, we are on a light lockdown, me and the grown up children thought we would come back to blogging to you lovely guys and try and keep you all entertained, from our household to yours.

So here we are. Lots will be added, to the page from cooking, worksheets, funny pictures, and lots others. We hope you are all safe and well.

April is c-section awareness month. To all the hard as nails mothers who have endured this. You’re still as much of a mother as the next woman. Major surgery is by no means the ” easy way”. To those recovering and those about to enter into motherhood. Just thought I would share these with you.

If your not a fan of blood or Glory, PLEASE do not click on the picture

Good cop, bad cop

How stressed out can you get mummy today???

Very stressed out…

Do you ever get them moments where you hate your children? You love them, but god they can send you into a metal home quicker than anything!!

So me being the good cop, I gave them each two pound pocket money, I suggested we walked down the shops to buy perhaps a small toy, I have come down the stairs ready to go….

Guess what….

You guest it, no ones dressed let alone got their shoes on!!! Even my neighbors got their shoes on after the final 1000 time I had shouted at the children!!

I knew from that moment that maybe going out was a bad idea!!

We get to the shops, we have melt downs, tantrums, crying on the floor, screaming as loud as they can. I was so embarrassed that I just carried on, safe to say they didn’t get anything from the shops so I will be using that £6 for a bottle of wine!!!!!!

I do get days when I think geeze why don’t my kids hate me, I shout more than Sargent major!!

Woburn Safari

The park let’s animals roam freely while visitors drive through their enclosures. The species held in the park include Southern White Rhino, elands, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Addax, Gemsbok, Ankoles, Zebras, African Wild Asses, Asian Elephants, Bactrian Camels, North American Bisons, bongo, African Lions, Pere David’s Deer, Canadian Timber Wolves, black bears, Patas Monkeys and Barbary Monkeys.

The park also has a 40-acre (16 ha) leisure area featuring animal talks, petting zones, a gift shop, family restaurant and a Go Ape! course. Animals in the leisure park include lemurs, squirrel monkeys, wallabies, emus, penguins, goats, ponies, reptiles, red panda and marmosets. There is also a soft play centre called the Mammoth Play Ark.

We had a fantastic day, We had cheeky monkey’s climbing all over our car, we had tigers brush past the car (he definitely was looking angry at us, as the park ranger told me not to stop and keep driving at him otherwise he will damage my car, that was a scary moment….

There is a couple of restaurant on site, but it is always nice to have a picnic.

Woburn offtern hold event days, we happened to go when peppa pig was visiting, Elle isn’t normally a fan of costumes, but today she decided she wanted to say hello.

Mikey was the most excited to see peppa pig, he ran up to her and he told her I love you, then shouting it’s definitely the real peppa pig Elle…. cuteness.

Swan Boats, first time the twins have ever been on boats, and what an awesome experience for them! It wasn’t for me, but for them it was great fun.

I can’t do small boats in water, specially when you have children like mine that have no fear, and start rocking from side to side ahhhhh.

It really is a wonderful day out, you can go around as many times as you want, and experience different points of the Day.

We saw some funny moments, specially when a bear was pushing a car, and some awww moments when we saw lots of baby monkey.


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